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”lo’s scrapbook and diary. private!”

September 16th, 188x

dear diary,

i do like mr yo terribly. but i feel rather caught in a web, at the moment. for the gargoyle and the rat have offered to teach me magick as well. very kindly, i’m sure, but i do not wish to hurt good mr yo’s feelings. apparently his is the wrong sort of magick. i do not understand, as he was kind enough to teach me first.

but the gargoyle is a wondrous creature… he will watch over me. i told him i felt like a little moth, sometimes. that fate, like a flame, may extinguish me in an instant. he is full of wise words, and i soon felt a little better. i am learning that all living things are webbed together in some way. there is some comfort in that.

yesterday, a rather stern lady with a crooked mouth came to my bare little room at the hostel, and warned me of fires and an evil of some sort. i have no idea what she was talking about… still, she reminded me of my old governess. the gargoyle made himself very still, and i had to pretend he was a statue from the roof, brought in by the landlord for cleaning, or she would break him with a hammer. then she went downstairs and upset the good lady actress. awful.

and that pip steamer! disappearing and reappearing, and turning into biting insects. quite terrifying myself and the poor actress, such that she may not return to the hostel again. he is a perfect little brute!

this is all rather confusing. perhaps i might make sense of it one day.

yours, lo.

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