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Limitations of magic

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

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”’Limitations of Magic”’

”forum started by Mr Underby on November 3, 2009”


I thought it might be useful to begin a discussion about magic, magic users, and the limitations of magic. It’s never fun to play an RP with a god who can suddenly turn you into a bouquet of roses, then tap dance on you, whilst you are only holding a popgun loaded with cork.

Having said that, asking a magic user not to use their magic is rather like creating a policeman character then asking him never to pull out his gun.

So, I decided to be upfront about Underby’s magic, what he can reasonably do, and what he cannot do. In this way, I hope to open a dialogue in which other magic users might outline our strengths and weaknesses as well. Yes, this does give ammo to those who would oppose us, but for me at least, Underby is a villain, and the villains never win for long, so I am not too worried about it… decide for yourself how much you choose to divulge…

Underby is a strange looking man who claims to be an albino, he works as a fortune teller and is well versed in most methods of divination. His preferred method is though scrying, either in a crystal, or a black mirror. His sight in divination is not perfect, and visions are often murky and symbolic, rather than definite and clear.

He has learned arts which may cloud come people’s minds, in which case he can seem to them to have changed into a raven, or perhaps a serpent.

He can feel when others are nearby, and can sometimes tell who that person is, but not always.


”’Katherine Montpark on November 3, 2009 at 11:08am”’

Hmm…there was a discussion some time ago about including some stipulations on magic in the New Babbage welcome kit. Nothing too binding, just mentioning that magic doesn’t work very well here, and possibly a magic “dead zone” around the Academy. I haven’t checked the welcome kit in a while – did anything ever get done with that?

I don’t think that magic should be discouraged by any means – Babbage wouldn’t be what it is without the magic-using citizens! – but I also don’t think it should be used to godmode anything either. In my mind, magic in a steampunk victorian setting is something secretive and not well understood, conducted in dark basements and back rooms, possibly with a lot of chanting and ritual and unnecessary paraphernalia to give ambiance. Perhaps that’s just my love of Lovecraft coming through. The only “easy magic” I could see being plausible would be from creatures who are inherently magical, like Mara, Softpaw, or Lunar from Steelhead to name a few. Even then, though, I don’t think that a magical creature would be traipsing around Babbage turning turtles into teacups or shapeshifting in the middle of city hall.

”’Mr Underby on November 3, 2009 at 11:12am”’

I would be interested in hearing from Mara, Softpaw and Lunar about how their magic works, and what the limitations are.

”’Mara Razor on November 3, 2009 at 11:57am”’

I think everyone here knows what Mara is – she’s a fae/sidhe/elf. She is 183 years old, so that would make her born sometime in the early – mid-1700’s. The granddaughter of the Celtic goddess Brigid, she has most of the powers attributed to Brigid (most notably fire, healing, and an ability to make things grow) on a much more limited basis. Like when Skyler was brought into the soup kitchen not breathing Mara had to perform CPR (nothing magic about that) combined with her healing abilities to bring Skyler back. Her magic alone would not have saved Skyler. Like most fae, she is exceptionally strong and fast, and does have the ability to pull and send life force if she can get a grip on bare skin.

Whenever I fight in-world, I try to IM the other person, so that we can agree on what Mara’s going to do that person and how they’re either going to get out of it or also hurt Mara. Because threats of spine ripping aside, I think killing someone else’s character is uncool (unless they consent to it like the Mole King), and I don’t mind getting my butt kicked as long as I get a few good licks in. Like Mara’s been trying to impress on young Skyler – immortal does not mean invincible.

She is also an herbalist and has a lot of knowledge of human medicine which she uses to bolster her healing abilities.

”’Mr. Tenk on November 3, 2009 at 12:53pm”’

interesting.. that makes you old enough to remember the old empire and the collapse, which was 132 years ago.

”’Mara Razor on November 3, 2009 at 4:12pm”’

I was still living at court at that time, but yes, we heard about it.

”’Mr. Tenk on November 3, 2009 at 12:14pm”’

Thanks Mr., i suppose this discussion is long overdue. I’ve been stalling on that history card and this might be the piece i’ve been waiting for.

Occultism definatly exists in Babbage – whether practiced by actual sorcerors or by charlatans remains to be seen. This stays in line with victorian obsessions, pre-enlightenment mathematics, and the lovecraftian mythos that is so dear to many of you. What is completely unappropriate is what i call “zappity-zappity” magic, which if allowed, gets even more kindergarten than those gunplay rp sims. Take that to a Harry Potter sim, there are many to choose from, please.

Ghosts exist as an unexplainable phenomena.

”’Victor on November 3, 2009 at 12:30pm”’

Thing that gets me though is how can ya roleplay against a magic user? I just dont see a way round it.

The problem with me is the background to my character. I purposefully hold almost 90% of his background back, sure he’s a timelord…can travel to far off distant lands, has the technology to level New Babbage into a crumbling pile of ash, but, due to the canonicity of the Doctor Who universe and being part of the Omega High Council of Timelords im bound by the “no undue interference” laws…which if ya ask me suck, although there is loopholes around that.

Mornington is over 250 years old, even he doesnt know his real age (he lost count after the second century alive) but he’s not a full blown gallifreyan who can live for thousands of years, he’s part vampyre (hence the fangs) part lycan (hence the appearance as a wolf sometimes) and got in a nasty fight with the Deathsmiths of Goth who “tortured him” in the year 2276 by infusing him with the genetic traits of the Hail Bringers…the ice dragons of goth (hence the occaisional appearance as a dragon). In the old days he ran around drawing the blood of his victims, after a certain timespan and after the Lycan Wars had finished he found he had the ability to change into a few other different forms, each form has its own special ability and trait. The downside is his “normal” look basically wouldnt go down too well in New Babbage, black horned wings, gelf/satyre locked hoofs, long trailing hair down to his ankles and the “Mark Of Goth” tatoo across his entire upper body….not the kind of look you want while running an hotel.

He’s got abilities, can lift anyone up and carry them off to whereever he wants inworld (ask elleon, shes seen it first hand), can imprison someone in a solid block of ice (thats a nice trick actually) and given a chance can sink his teeth into someone neck and drop them dead instantly, or knock them out for a good few hours. As a last resort he can tie up the power generators of the house in Clockhaven to the main power stack of the station, and send a directed beam of artron energy to someone, which would wipe them off of history completley (done that a few times….was fun, blew the power relays though).

…but here’s the thing…i choose to hold back on a large proportion of all that above. Strictly half of it isnt magic, its technical in nature which means that the “dead magic zones” in New Babbage wouldnt effect it, but the power is so great it would outmatch anything in a timeline lower down than the current timeline of the station. As for the vampyre/lycan thing, that shows through when i feel like it, but i dont use most of the powers, cause to be honest i’ve been running into more and more magic user’s in New Babbage using magic or hinting at magic in RP.

Sometimes i just wanna pull out my Demat Gun and say “magic your way out of non existance then”…then shoot…the demat gun has no known block, no known defence, and wipes a persons timeline from existance in ALL realities…again, dont use it, too powerfull.

When roleplaying in NB i started to think about the normal, everyday humans walking around in NB, trying to roleplay in a steampunk world of faes, elfs, demons, sorcerers…i decided to purposefully hold back on the vast majority of what my character does outside of New Babbage, so i declared New Babbage his “Holiday home away from the station”…and it still is his “holiday home”.

”’Mr. Tenk on November 3, 2009 at 12:46pm”’

thanks for leaving all that at work, Mr. Mornington.

I always wonder how can ya possibly rp with someone that turns into a giant dragon?

”’Victor on November 3, 2009 at 12:59pm”’

Thats also why i dont usually change into a dragon, at least with dragons when ya kill them they stay dead though. Dragons are just big flying lizards that spit fire at ya, no magic involved there.

”’Ceejay Writer on November 3, 2009 at 1:08pm”’

If you’re Ceejay, you RP by checking yourself into rehab and SWEARING to cut down on the Absinthe.

(As long as I’m responding. Ceejay mostly feels that magic is smoke and mirrors, trapdoors and sleight of hand, based on her own experiences while coming of age in the circus. She’s tricked the crowds and knows how to fool folk. If confronted with real magic, her instinct will be to try to figure out how it was done, based on common magician tricks.)

”’Mr Underby on November 3, 2009 at 1:15pm”’

And indeed most of Underby’s magic is exactly that. He wouldn’t be able to point a finger at someone and make them drop dead, though I’m sure he would want to.

His magic is mostly in the area between what exists as “True Reality” and the false reality which exists within our subjective minds. His magic plays on the subjective nature, not the true nature.

So, for me, how can you roleplay against THIS magic user? The same way you would against a regular run-of-the-mill person. You will NOT be “zapped” by me. Ever. The most Underby would be able to do in retaliation would be to go home, cook up a ritual which may or may not even affect you.

”’Ghilayne Andrew on November 3, 2009 at 7:19pm”’

Would it be fair to call Mr. Underby’s use of magic more along the lines of a hypnotist, then?

”’Mr Underby on November 5, 2009 at 5:23pm”’

More along the lines, yes. Some call it Glammer, or Glamour.

”’Mr Underby on November 3, 2009 at 1:06pm”’

I’ve always found you to be a fair RPer, and Victor has hardly hinted to Underby what his powers may be, if he has any… Underby is very wary of Victory. He smells something up.

In regards to the conversation at hand, what would be the difference between someone being annoyed by magical powers and someone being annoyed by something like a Demat Gun? It seems more shockingly powerful and final than anything I would have in any ritual or spell. Is it because it is “technology”?

”’Katherine Montpark on November 3, 2009 at 1:16pm”’

Actually, I’d be very annoyed at both. Firing a spell or weapon that is invincible and impossible to dodge is godmoding, as far as I’m concerned. Threatening with such a thing might be permissible, depending on the RP, but pulling such a thing without warning or agreement from all involved parties makes it impossible to have a real, involved plot going on. It’s kinda like the equivalent of typing “my character knocks your character out, takes all their money, and throws them in the canal.”

”’Mr Underby on November 3, 2009 at 1:19pm”’

Excellent point.

”’Softpaw on November 3, 2009 at 1:45pm”’

Godmoding is mostly why I am HIGHLY annoyed by the anti magic devices. It’s an auto hit to any magic user out there. Which does not set well with me. Especially now since apparently Anyone can get a hold of one including urchins. It was one thing when they showed up in a one time plot. But now that they are becoming more common? I do NOT like that at all.

”’Mara Razor on November 3, 2009 at 1:48pm”’

What she said. I don’t think any magic user in Babbage has ever used their abilities to godmod, but somehow it’s okay to do it to us? The wards that supposedly protect my property came about because of this stuff because I wanted Mara and other magic users (and the urchins by extension) to be able to have a place where they could get away from that kind of stuff. The wards were put in place by Mara’s grandmother – a god. Mara’s nowhere near powerful enough to pull that off.

”’Softpaw on November 3, 2009 at 1:53pm”’

Oh well hadn’t you heard? Any use of magic at all is godmodeing according to some folk

”’Mara Razor on November 3, 2009 at 1:57pm”’

I only know of one person who feels that way and that person can go suck an egg. That person is not the mayor.

”’Ceejay Writer on November 3, 2009 at 2:02pm”’

cough* I’ve been really, really appreciating the informative, intelligent discussion so far. Previous discussions have dissolved into snarkfests and I will be really disappointed if this one does too. Softpaw, the reason for this thread seems to be so we can all *understand* and learn to live and play together in New Babbage. The thread’s barely an afternoon old. I do hope it continues on being informative and helpful. I will stop reading when it goes pear-shaped.

”’Softpaw on November 3, 2009 at 2:05pm”’

Sorry for the Snark.

”’Mara Razor on November 3, 2009 at 2:05pm”’

Sorry Ceej.

But, like Soft and I have both said – we get really tired of people implying any use of magic is godmodding, but then it is somehow okay to do it to us.

”’Ceejay Writer on November 3, 2009 at 2:17pm”’

Good solid non-judgmental dialogue may help some of these long-standing issues. I know you’ve both hit frustrations. I know others have too. I do like this idea of everyone laying out what they are. We may all need to read through the thread, and go think about all the info for a while. There may be no immediate brilliant catch all solution, but it’s encouraging that so many people are speaking up.

”’Sheryl Skytower on November 3, 2009 at 2:23pm”’

looks down*

I’m pear-shaped…

”’Dr. Augustus Dayafter on November 3, 2009 at 2:18pm”’

Actually, there are a rather large number of folks that think that way. The purpose of this thread, I believe, is to show them how to interact with magic users and to help them understand that it is not, in fact, godmodding. I think the fact that we have Mr. Wiggy here asking questions and giving us his opinions on the subject, shows how well Mr. Underby’s thread is doing.

As to urchins getting a hold of the devices… Do you have kids? (Good lord, please do not take that question the wrong way) Because my children get a hold of some pretty interesting things when they visit. And let’s face it, if you want something stolen or “borrowed” an urchin is, as always, the best acquisition specialist you could ask… or hire. The very nature of them having survived on the streets as harsh as what Babbage is painted is sure enough evidence that they can get what they want pretty much when they want to.

And just to be sure, the “devices” coming back, are pretty much a given that there is another RP plot afoot. We don’t generally just single a specific class of person (or anthromorph) out for no reason at all.

”’Dr. Augustus Dayafter on November 3, 2009 at 2:38pm”’

I, my dear, am not involved in the plot. OOCly I know that the new versions of the devices DO NOT harm people that are magic users nor do they harm beings that are magical in nature, it just does not allow the casting of spells. That is all I will say about that, lest this turn into an argument between you and I, and I will not allow that to happen publicly or privately. I have too much respect for you.

”’Mara Razor on November 3, 2009 at 2:41pm”’

You know I love you Gus.

”’Mr. Tenk on November 3, 2009 at 2:58pm”’

Honestly Mara, I have a hard time with “my grandmother, the goddess, placed these all-powerful wards here.” And you say it. Repeatedly.

It makes demands of physical reality.

It makes assumptions about religion as it exists in New Babbage.

I think its godmodding, and I think we talked about it last night.

New Babbage is not a safe place. We tell horrible stories to each other. When you have commited to roleplay, there is no time-out chair.

”’Mara Razor on November 3, 2009 at 4:27pm”’

I would argue that 1) in a city of Babbage’s size there would be numerous religions just like in the real world. 2) As several of us have already said, magic requires belief to work. Mara fervently believes in her grandmother – if not as a diety – then just as a powerful fae. Because of her belief when Doc O’s attack on magical people occured, as long as she stayed inside, Mara was fine. You were brought back to the hostel after the attack and began to recover (probably naturally). Others, particularly the urchins, start to think, “Maybe there’s something to this…..” Because who is most likely to behave violently in the hostel? The urchins beating on eachother. Because, generally speaking, who would want to hurt the slightly quirky but otherwise nice lady who does nothing more than look after the urchins?

Are the wards as all powerful as Mara would like everyone to believe they are? Obviously not as Creaky waltzed right through my front door during our Halloween party, and so did that demon hunter with the guns that you kindly ran off for us. There’s a reason Mara requires weapons to be checked at the door.

I could have easily said my grandmother gave me some kind of medallion, bracelet, backpack that was portable to protect me from harm (kind of like the AMI devices now), and THAT really would be godmodding. But, I limited it to the four walls of my soup kitchen, and it has as much to do with Mara’s belief in it as anything else.

((IC: Mara does not believe in any diety. Having grown-up surrounded by beings who were once worshipped by many (and still by some) as gods, she knows all too well that these beings are not devine. She has sometimes snarked that she has had her fill of gods and their egos. OOC: Her typist is a Quaker who thinks Brigid is pretty cool as a mythological being.))

”’Doctor Obolensky on November 3, 2009 at 6:03pm”’


Why do you assume they are all-powerful? You are *assuming* they are a god-mode play.

Everytime *I* have used them, I have explicity stated their effect, which is to make magic *more* difficult, not impossible.

I have never said they would make anyone ill, or remove their powers, or any of that sort of thing. All of those claims were made by people on their own.

”’Mr. Tenk on November 3, 2009 at 6:17pm”’

quite true. most of us in the target category chose to take it further than he intended.

”’Ceejay Writer on November 3, 2009 at 8:06pm”’

As is the nature of organic roleplay. An element is introduced – and the players work with it, according to their own characters.

”’Gilhooly Skute on November 3, 2009 at 7:11pm”’


For what it’s worth, Gilhooly felt that the only ally available to the team of Nightshade, Lo, Kane, and himself (plus all the other urchins affected by Mr. Underby) was Doctor Obolensky. If Underby returned and laid waste in retribution, that would deprive Doc O of the chance to claim credit for it!

So Gil went to Doc O and asked for help. Not meaning to speak for Doc O here, but Doc O wasn’t too willing to pick sides, but he did provide Gil with something he felt was powerful and effective: the reality stabilizer.

Gil arrived just too late for it to have any effect on the plot, which was probably best for the plot. And it kept poor ineffectual but well-meaning Gil at the ineffectual end. And he might have turned off Kane’s enchantment as well!

So all in all, I think that portion of the plot, while it wasn’t designed to be such a spectacular failure, was a success FOR being a failure.

It wasn’t an OOC attempt by anyone to indicate that magic should go away: it was a little mouse choosing the wrong ally and getting the results expected to get from trusting a supervillain.

Also, Gil has never had any problems whatsoever roleplaying with Mr. Underby, even though Gil has nothing but his wits (what little he has) and Underby has great resources. It’s always been a great success as far as I’m concerned.

”’Mr Underby on November 4, 2009 at 1:31am”’

I’ve always enjoyed RPing with you, Gil… and just so you know I only saw the thing about the reality stabilizer after Underby had fled, or I would have made him react to it in some manner. Some other time!

”’Charise Adderstein on November 3, 2009 at 12:48pm”’

Being simply human seems to be a dying art.

”’Bookworm Hienrichs on November 3, 2009 at 1:02pm”’

Tell me about it. *grin*

”’Dr. Augustus Dayafter on November 3, 2009 at 1:11pm”’

Nonsense dear lady, I had to fight to become “simply human” again… I rather like it, other than the nasty cold I got the other week… physician heal thyself though, so pip pip.

”’Stargirl Macbain on November 3, 2009 at 4:52pm”’

It’s a pity we can’t find a way to cure you of your personality as well…. ((SOMEONE had to say it! *snigger*))

”’Dr. Augustus Dayafter on November 3, 2009 at 5:26pm”’

Oh you love my personality too, your constant badgering of me shows this to be evident…. oh yeah… MOOK :P

”’Stargirl Macbain on November 3, 2009 at 5:50pm”’

I do indeed loath your personality and, also, better a mook than a shoe-licking flapdragon. :-D

”’Father Juris Pizzaro on November 3, 2009 at 1:15pm”’

Bless you, my child.

”’Dr. Augustus Dayafter on November 3, 2009 at 1:16pm”’

OOC: Dayafter is a practitioner of occult magics and an alchemist. He will freely admit his interest in both, but reveal only his use of alchemy. He will also fight you tooth and damn nail as to alchemy being an actual science rather than some hokey finger waggling and mixing of eye of newt. The occult type stuff (depending on what it may be) is just that… magic! BOOOOO! SCARY!!! However his belief in the psychical world has nothing to do with magic. That sort of thing is neither supernatural nor paranormal, as death, the spirit, the afterlife, and all are quite the natural cycle of life. Can Gus “zap” anybody? hell no. Can he grab several circle members and putz you with a ritual sending? Yeah. Would he? Not at all. It is much more gratifying to make you feel socially awkward in front of a group of people or having most of an entire city on his side thinking you are an idiot and a nuisance. That’s just how he rolls baby :)

”’Stargirl Macbain on November 3, 2009 at 1:19pm”’

“That’s just how he rolls baby.” *siiiiiiiiigh*

”’Dr. Augustus Dayafter on November 3, 2009 at 1:31pm”’

you love it and you know it :P

”’Sheryl Skytower on November 3, 2009 at 2:39pm”’


cinnamon rolls?


”’Wiggy Undertone on November 3, 2009 at 1:22pm”’

Raises his hand* I’m simply human!

I’ve also wondered exactly how to RP with magical beings. Wiggy’s character is essentially good and honest, and he is quite skilled with some Victorian era technology, such as steam power and simple clockworks. He has had little experience with magic, and at the moment doesn’t believe in ghosts, spirits, etc.

Wiggy has his flaws. He stubbornly refuses to believe that magical beings are as powerful as he hears reported, and attributes most of their power to legerdemain, illusion, and superstition. Also, Wiggy is not very bright and can easily be duped by anyone with villainous intent. I should also mention he gets overly excited about opportunities for exploration, and will often run off half-cocked into any adventure.

So what advice would you give me for interacting with magical creatures?

”’Mr Underby on November 3, 2009 at 1:24pm”’

Personally, I would go with what you said: that he doesn’t believe in them.

”’Mara Razor on November 3, 2009 at 1:54pm”’

Just like that – you don’t believe in it. Our typists all live in a modern world, and in that modern world there are people who still believe in faeries, magic, ghosts, etc. There are even still people who worship Brigid. On the flip side there are people who live their entire lives quite happily saying they believe in none of it.

Most magic requires belief for it to work – it requires the practioner’s belief that they can do it. It also requires belief on the person on the otherside of it for it to work. When the urchins bring an injured child to Mara for healing – they’re doing it is an act of faith. They believe she can heal their friend. If they didn’t believe would she be able to? Who knows?

”’Mara Razor on November 3, 2009 at 1:37pm”’

””Being simply human seems to be a dying art.””

I’m a human in real life. I want to be something more in Second Life. It is afterall – an escape from real life.

How do you RP against a magic user? Mara doesn’t regard her abilities as magic at all. It’s just part of who she is and her abilities are common amoung her race. She’s doesn’t really consider herself special. I’ve already said most of what Mara can do, but here’s what she absolutely cannot do – she cannot cast spells, make voodoo dolls, send bolts of energy across Babbage to zap you or even from across the street. She cannot predict the future. She cannot turn you into a newt. Using glamour, she might be able to make you look like a newt for a few seconds, but that would require a lot of energy and your cooperation. But, the fact would be that you would still be you, and you would not be a newt at all. She would not do that because she would consider that a cheap parlour trick. She can’t turn a chair into a tea cup. She can’t make things float around, and she can’t ride on a broom. She cannot wiggle her nose and have a complete meal on the table at the soup kitchen – she has to cook it. But, if anyone could teach her….

She regards dabbling in the occult by humans as unnatural and dangerous. During this whole Underby affair Mara frequently said, “Let the otherside stay there. When humans die they’re supposed to go to their ancestors, and you lot left behind are supposed to let them.”

((Part of Mara’s mythology in Darkside, which was set in present time, was that she caused the Amityville haunting because she was bored. Her grandmother eventually put up wards to keep any fae under 500 away from the place. The more experienced RPers who also played fae thought that was very funny because it is the sort of thing a bored fae would do.))

”’Dr. Augustus Dayafter on November 3, 2009 at 1:40pm”’

heh, she turned me into a newt…

I got better

”’Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle on November 3, 2009 at 6:30pm”’

A big hairy newt with fangs and claws.

”’Stargirl Macbain on November 3, 2009 at 1:41pm”’

Stargirl would always say she hasn’t a magical bone in her body–a half-truth, I suppose, as certainly her bones aren’t any more magic than the rest of her (so don’t go trying to break them to make a wish on them now!).

She is a physical shape-shifter–meaning she uses magic to initiate the change and can affect how far it goes to some extent (ie sometimes she just has ears, sometimes she’s the whole cat). But, once she’s in that shape if someone were to say, toss her in a kitty carrier and leave her in a ‘dead zone’ she’d be screwed. Changes are easier when she is around a greater concentration of magic (which is why she can sometimes talk in her cat form and sometimes can’t–after all, it’s easier to become a simple cat than a cat who can talk). The art is new to her (a manifestation of her repressed abilities) so she is touch-and-go with it sometimes in general, no matter how much fae energy is floating about.

She was raised to be a channel so has no ability to form magic spells on her own as she was never taught how (and at 25, it’s unlikely she’d ever gather the skill to be anything but a danger). A set of words drops her into a trance (Oubliette Vacuo), another set wakes her up (Oubliette Natura). A magic user can channel through her in any state, it’s just easier if she’s not trying to run away (and she will always try to run away). As might be expected, it’s unpleasant to be used in such a way and, depending on how aggressive the magic user is, it can be downright torture and she can be ‘used up’ IE Killed (but would rather you didn’t, thank you very much!). She doesn’t tell anyone about any of this for obvious reasons, but, of course, there are records. Other magic users could, if they were looking for it, figure out the nature of her abilities.
I think that about covers it.

”’Softpaw on November 3, 2009 at 1:42pm”’

I made a post about what I could and couldn’t do a while back, its both in my blog and now in the Wiki But to sum it up. Fairy, mostly nature based magic, No natural attack spells. Limited natural shape shifting and a spell to turn dragon given to her by her dragon husband. Who when he shows in Babbage is in Anthro form not Quad form.

Dragon form only shows up when angry and threatened.

On the subject of dragons I went and took a picture of all of my dragon forms to show the size difference Between the two most common dragon avatars out there. The Isle of Wyrms and the Seawolf. IOW has been around for MANY years and has a rich background of tradition, community, Service to others and Family. Seawolf arrived this year, or late last I forget which. And far as I know has none of the other things, as far as I know.

For the photos I set up some prims with a texture that showed 1 meter boxes so you can get a good sense of size. I tried to keep my camera at the same spot as well.

My IOW (Isle of Wyrms) dragon forms are all of the Fae type, its one of the smaller but they generally all run about the same size. Even the largest of the three styles is small compared to Seawolf dragons. I also don’t own the smallest Seawolf dragon. Which is about the same size or slightly larger then the IOW dragon.

The IOW dragons are also limited, a small number of them are released four times a year in a lottery system. The Wyrmlings and the Hatchies are year round. Seawolfs you can get all sizes all the time.

I really like my IOW forms best, But sadly the Seawolf ones are the more intimidating so the very FEW times I have gone dragon in Babbage I used the seawolf. Since the ONLY times I go dragon in Babbage is when threatened.

IOW Hatchie Note, this is a personal Mod. You can not buy a IOW Fae Hatchie from Daryth..

IOW Fae Wyrmling

IOW Fae Dragon

Seawolf Adult

Seawolf Ancient

I know there are other types of dragons out there, but I don’t have any of them.

”’Mr. Tenk on November 3, 2009 at 3:36pm”’

Nature based magic, in New Babbage?

looks around at the barren soil*

You shoulda seen the hoops we had to jump through to make a meal that had no imported products in it.

”’Ceejay Writer on November 3, 2009 at 3:41pm”’

Wiggyfish chowdah garnished with sewer mold? But, interesting point. Look what New Babbage has done to nature. It’s truly appalling! Ceejay feels decadent and lavish just trying to keep a couple potted toparies alive, and it’s not easy. Luckily, dumping coffee grounds on the soil in the pots seems to agree with the bushes.

”’Mr. Tenk on November 3, 2009 at 4:04pm”’

Pretty close, Ceejay. And I had to eat it.

”’Mara Razor on November 4, 2009 at 9:31am”’

Don’t listen to him! Mara’s very adept at growing vegetables and herbs in pots and flower boxes. What do you think she’s been growing up on her roof in Wheatstone all this time? She grows the vegetables for the soup kitchen and the herbs for her medicinals. ((and there ain’t nothing magic about that! Lots of people around here have flower box/pot gardens. My next door neighbor grew corn on his back porch this summer)). She also has a rabbit hutch. She tried having a chicken run, but they kept getting out and falling off the roof. It was gross. But, the eggs were nice while it lasted.

Ceejay you need a mung pot. You throw all of your perishable waste into it, mix it together, and throw it on your toparies. It’ll do wonders for them.

((OOC: contest for my brilliant builder scamps – build a rabbit hutch complete with rabbit(s). The rabbits don’t neccessarily need to be able to hope around. We can put it in the court yard of the new soup kitchen and some of the flower boxes there too, so Mara can teach the scamps about caring for a living thing and growing things. Mara never wanted the urchins on her roof because of the potential for falling/throwing eachother off))

”’Ghilayne Andrew on November 4, 2009 at 10:00am”’

I’ve never seen a chicken actually =fall= off a roof. They can’t really fly the way one thinks of a bird flying, nor are they very adept at directional movement, but they do flap their wings to soften lands. What always amazed me was how they’d get to the top of our smokehouse roof or barn roof to start with… and the barn was a huge, nearly 3-story thing at its tallest point. But I never saw a chicken die from fall. (My mom sneaking up on them and shrieking, yeah, but that’s another thing entirely).

”’Mara Razor on November 4, 2009 at 10:06am”’

Yes, but my roof in Wheatsone was very high up – if anything fell off of it it would go SPLAT!

Nature based in that Softpaw can make flowers grow.

Plus Babbage has nature..its just not big lots of green grass and trees all over. Water’s natural. So’s the ground UNDER the cobblestones. Dirts still nature even if its growing something in it or not.

”’DreddPirateBob on November 3, 2009 at 4:00pm”’

The sewers are full of nature too, well, stuff that makes nature grow :D

”’Sheryl Skytower on November 3, 2009 at 2:00pm”’

”scratches head”

I don’t know if I’m magical or not…

”’Penelope Strathearn on November 3, 2009 at 2:22pm”’

ou have a magical ability to make me giggle. *smile*

”gives Sheryl a petit four”

”’Sheryl Skytower on November 3, 2009 at 2:22pm”’

nom nom nom…


”’Dr. Augustus Dayafter on November 3, 2009 at 2:25pm”’

good gawd… I cannot resist it… *hugs Sheryl* You are, indeed, quite magical

”’Sheryl Skytower on November 3, 2009 at 3:27pm”’


”steals cookies from Dr’s pocket when he’s not looking”


”’Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle on November 3, 2009 at 6:34pm”’

It possibly depends on how your consciousness got inside the mechanical dragon. You could take it as either magic or some long far fetched scientific transfer experiment.

”’Grendel Footman on November 3, 2009 at 2:09pm”’

Grendel’s technically a magic user, I rarely do any magic though, focused more on engineering, or biological studies, generally trying to combine science and magic. none of it’s zappit zappity, generally it’s either mixing alchemical formulas, wiring magical creatures to batteries, or in rare occasions, preforming a ritual from the Necronomicon or similar creepy book. I’m basically an animated corpse kept going through the serum I make (herbert west re-animator style, didn’t know someone else had already been a reanimator here, so i don’t call myself one really), the gauntlets I occasionally wear are an example of the magic/technology I make, harnessing the elements dependng on their settings, so is the reality disrupting bombs, and portable devices to counteract Dr, O’s devices.

Grendel see’s magic as just a little understood science, monsters, ghosts and all the same way

”’Penelope Strathearn on November 3, 2009 at 2:11pm”’

Penelope Strathearn and Zachary Somerset are both Deryni from the land of Gwynedd, which exists in an alternate dimension from New Babbage. Deryni are essentially human, although due to a genetic mutation they have inherent powers that other humans consider magical. Some Deryni receive specialized training which maximizes their use of the potential they were born with; other Deryni never go beyond very basic skills. Still others grow up never knowing they are Deryni at all, because just because a person is born with the potential doesn’t mean they automatically learn how to use it. A fairly concise summary of standard Deryni powers can be found here.

Having said that, though, ever since arriving in New Babbage, both Zac and Nell have found their powers severely curtailed, probably due to the proximity of the Old Quarter causing blocking of their ability to tap into their talent. Before arriving in Babbage, Zac was a fully trained Deryni, so he is able to do more than Nell, but even so, his abilities are much weaker than usual here, and often fail unpredictably. He is having to rely more than usual on what others would perceive as “ritual magic,” which from his mindset is actually more along the lines of invoking the aid and protection of heavenly powers. Sometimes this works, sometimes–especially if the Higher Power being invoked has a different long-range plan in mind for Zac and Nell–the characters appear to fail their saving throw. :-D

Nell is even less trained than Zac, arrived in New Babbage with blocked powers and a concussion which complicated her recovery from the block, and like most Deryni, she has an innate wariness of showing her powers off around non-Deryni due to her people’s history. Generations of Deryni have been persecuted and killed in nasty ways just for being born genetically different and having a few spare talents to draw upon. So, can Nell summon handfire to light a candle? Sure, on a good day, if she’s in Wheatstone and not next to the Old Quarter wall, and if she concentrates really hard. Will anyone in Babbage ever see her do so? Not likely. You will never see Zac or Nell casually using their powers, unless there is some extreme reason for them to feel the need to do so, such as self-defense or defending others…and even then, in New Babbage they’re more likely to try conventional weaponry first, because for one thing, potential persecution aside, here in New Babbage it’s often more reliable.

”’Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle on November 3, 2009 at 7:25pm”’

Completely unrelated to the topic but you and I must sit down at some point for a good natter about a 19th century Gwynedd. I’d love to hear what you think.

”’Sheryl Skytower on November 3, 2009 at 2:27pm”’

”thoughtful look”

I think, and it’s only a ‘lil dragon’s opinion, that having magic in and of itself, is not a Deux ex Machima thing. Any good story that involves magic always has some sort of limitations on the magic therein, be it physical or mental; something that makes sure that the magic user doesn’t have the powers to do ANYTHING, because then it’d be a darned boring story. Who wants to read about a person who can do anything to anyone, anytime and anywhere?

With Great Magic come Great Responsibility. And I’ve yet to see anyone wielding it irresponsibily…

”looks down”

oooh… piece of candy!

”dashes off, snorgling merrily to herself”

”’Mr. Tenk on November 3, 2009 at 2:41pm”’

””With Great Magic come Great Responsibility. And I’ve yet to see anyone wielding it irresponsibily…””

there are a lot of people in town that have magical traits of some sort, and most of them are quite responsible about it within the constraints of our scenario, as is evidenced in this discussion. ””’There is a very loud minority that are often at the center of the controversy though, and unfortunately their choices really wreck it for everyone around them.””’

””’Suspension of disbelief – it only stretches so far, then it breaks.””’ Then I just don’t want to play anymore. “Look at me, I’m a demon!” or “you can’t hurt me, I’m a great big dragon and you will be extinct in my tummy!” makes me wonder why we even bother trying to run a place like New Babbage. It makes me want to leave.

(and yeah, i have overheard those)

”’Sheryl Skytower on November 3, 2009 at 3:31pm”’

but… and again, just my own opinion…

you have the *choice* to interact with that person or just walk away.

if someone comes up to me and says “I just vaporized you with a heat spell!” I can look down, wriggle my toes and laugh. There’s no real change (nonwithstanding push bullets) that someone can do to you in SL without your permission.

someone can run around and claim GodMode, but it gets rather boring if no one pays attention to him/her… and, as in any community, shunning is one of the best ways to deal with non-compliant people who disrupt the common good.

”looks up”

ooh… piece of candy stuck to the ceiling!

”runs off again”

”’Ceejay Writer on November 3, 2009 at 3:38pm”’

sticks candy to all the light poles just to watch the fun*

Babbage is Roleplay Optional. It should also be Roleplay Selective. If a plotline bothers someone or just plain doesn’t appeal, skip it. We’re ten sims big and growing. Will everyone always agree on the right plot or devices? I can’t see it happening. Does it have to be a problem? I don’t think so. Pick and choose.

”’Beq Janus on November 3, 2009 at 4:41pm”’

People who hang in certain circles may know that I have indeed seriously considered leaving of late. A lot of that comes from the dilution of Babbage from the bold Steampunk experiment it was when still as a single sim, I stumbled upon it, captivated by the “magic” of the machinery. Since then it has grown and encompassed many new themes, it is still a glorious adventurous place but for me is losing cohesion, when it no longer gels it devalues its theme and all that I hold dear in its theme.

Oh and to close that thought. You ain’t rid of me just yet. These feelings come and go. I love Babbage and its people(s) even the short, stinky, loud mouthed oiks.

”’Mr. Tenk on November 3, 2009 at 4:49pm”’

can we hear that again?

””People who hang in certain circles may know that I have indeed seriously considered leaving of late. A lot of that comes from the dilution of Babbage from the bold Steampunk experiment it was when still as a single sim, I stumbled upon it, captivated by the “magic” of the machinery. Since then it has grown and encompassed many new themes, it is still a glorious adventurous place but for me is losing cohesion, when it no longer gels it devalues its theme and all that I hold dear in its theme.””

”’Chronos the Sinner on November 3, 2009 at 5:46pm”’

I’m sure those who come to RP want to do so because of the way the RP is done, its done quite well, quite in theme and I applaud it which shows you how much others want to include themselves. As for being a mythical creature, I may appear as one but will never use it in the RP of the city as that sort of RP doesn’t really work with the theme of the city. I just like sitting on top of buildings very still so people think I’m a gargoyle. I get paid by evil scientists in a black market scheme to listen in on other’s conversations. People dont see me, that’s the big point. I hope that type of projection of my character works for babbage.

But… I am a demon.

”’Kane Qork on November 3, 2009 at 7:22pm”’

I don’t know if you’re referencing when I commented to Father Moonwall that I would make him extinct by eating him (after he said his church would make dragonkind extinct), but I was being intimidating in order to defend the children I’ve befriended.

Even though I’m imposing both as a gargoyle and as a dragon, I’ve never been violent toward anyone.

”’Mara Razor on November 4, 2009 at 6:57am”’
but I was being intimidating in order to defend the children I’ve befriended.

Oh wait! That sounds familiar…. When’s Mara ever agressive unless she perceives a child to be theratened? Basically she’s not. Well, when the whole town was at war against Doc O, but even then, Mara jumped in because he was threatening to send the urchins to a scone factory.

Except for her astounding height and pointy ears, most people would probably think she’s just a very quirky human. Well, except for the few people who saw her rip out the mole king’s spine.

”’Skyler ‘Artful Dodger’ Gant on November 3, 2009 at 2:31pm”’

My character’s half Fae, half Human, and just recently, recent being a few months ago, learned about what he was. He doesn’t quite know about his magical powers, or if he even has any Magical powers to begin with. The only two things he knows of are that he can breath underwater with no problem and he tends to have visions of the future, he did predict the return of Underby in a Nightmarish Vision and has been trying to warn people of his return, of course no one listened but…whatever. I guess his weakness is, more or less, Liquor of any kind and the fact he hates his visions and would do anything to rid of them. He considers himself to be like The Artful Dodger in the sense he is good at dodging trouble, but recent events will tell you he is not always skilled at dodging trouble. Like my typist said, Skyler has no idea of his magical powers, or if he even has any, save for his ability to breath underwater and his visions.

”’Kaylee Frye on November 3, 2009 at 2:31pm”’

Thought I’d jump in now and just explain out my entire plans with the Anti-Magic Devices so people don’t get the wrong idea with them. The AMIs are going to be used, basically, just like Mara’s wards (less powerful, actually). Just a way for people who don’t want to deal with magic to get away from it. Kaylee isn’t on the level of Doc O’s crazy genius science so her version won’t be nearly as powerful. The plan is to build a bulky, stationary, less-powerful version that only stops the actual casting of spells in a very localized area. It won’t stop people who are/use magic from coming near it, and it won’t make them sick. It’ll just not let them use any magical abilities. If something made entirely out of magic wanted to turn it off, they could just walk up and hit the OFF button, provided they knew where it was, with no trouble. Think of it like someone standing at the door who doesn’t let people bring guns into the building, except it’s magic instead of pistols. This is all IF I decide to actually build it somewhere, which I haven’t yet.

”’Mara Razor on November 3, 2009 at 2:35pm”’

Okay – that sounds completely reasonable. Though, I would point out that the existence of such a device could be considered magic in and of itself. :-p

”’Kaylee Frye on November 3, 2009 at 2:50pm”’

Maybe it is magic somehow, would have to ask Doc O, he invented the thing. I just made it better.

I think magic is really awesome when done right. And yes, I realize that the “right” way is purely opinion, so I’m not about to try and enforce it on anyone. But, just for reference, I think the way Underby does things is really cool.

”’Beq Janus on November 3, 2009 at 3:06pm”’

No its just science.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke, “Profiles of The Future”, 1961 (Clarke’s third law)

”’Mr. Tenk on November 3, 2009 at 3:16pm”

granted, a lot of the nuttier devices that have are very “i dunno how it works.. but i built it so there!”


that is what Babbage was built for. Ingenuity, and the sheer joy of having an opposable thumb that lets you wrap your hand around a tool that turn raw materials into machines.

A thumb is all the magic you need.

”’DreddPirateBob on November 3, 2009 at 4:27pm”’

ok, i’ve waited an hour.

does NO ONE find the last line hilarious?! :D

in a dirty way i mean. not even GUS?!

”’Ceejay Writer on November 3, 2009 at 4:42pm”’

So you’ve been on pins and needles for a full hour? Excellent. Kept you outta trouble. I betcha Gus has been near exploding waiting for YOU to comment.

(Truly though, I found that little reply from Tenk very uplifting and an echo of my why-I’m-here sentiments.)

”’Stargirl Macbain on November 3, 2009 at 4:50pm”’

I find it quite funny..but wasn’t about to admit *that* out loud! hehe. Thanks for doing it for me.

”’Dr. Augustus Dayafter on November 3, 2009 at 5:16pm”’

Actually Bob, I find your sense of humor quite repulsive and a bit base… at best.

Hell, who am I kidding, I all but fell on the floor laughing at that line :)

”’DreddPirateBob on November 3, 2009 at 7:21pm”’

ceejay it was upliftin, i just couldnt stop giggling.

stargirl, i am very helpful like that

gus, up yer bum!

”’Red on November 5, 2009 at 12:11pm”’

Dirty boy! DIRTY BOY!!

”’DreddPirateBob on November 3, 2009 at 2:44pm”’

Apologies for length, skip it as it prolly aint worth the time :D

As some of you know Armada is magic friendly, i do not want this to be seen as a sales pitch but i should explain it coz you are going to come across it at some time very probably. We use Thaumatergy, which is a sort of magical science which offers some small powers (although a few gifted individuals will have much more capable abilities it is understood this will take its toll very quickly). One of the elements used in this is ‘Rock Milk’. A finite resource that allows it to be only used in certain cases and not to set everyone up with SUPERMEGAGODMODE! ok . thats that. on with the rant!

To be out in the open, and trying not to ruin a plot thats just started and will take, hopefully, a year to sink into out combined reality, Dredd aint magic one bit (no surprise there fair enough) BUT has dealt with something that can only be defined in the terms of magik. Not ‘pow yer a toad’ magic but something solid and powerful. For a long time he has alluded to his experiences in the ‘Ghoul Sea’. Those events construction was only a way for me to explain many things that i found awkward. Dredds insanity, his casual attitude to horror and death, his rather adult outlook and education for someone so easily distracted and most importantly HE DOESNT AGE. Now, i no one else really does but a couple of years doesnt show much. On a kid it does. It bugged me. Thus the Ghoul sea business. I should also say it doesnt bug me with any of the other urchins and never will. It was only a little bug but one i had to squish.

I think this is an interesting conversation that misses one very important point. In the RL there are folk who not only believe in magic but have it as part of their life. Whether its Wicca, Shamanism, godly miracles or Kaos Magik it happens. Some of those people believe you can effect reality with one set of techniques or another. Dredd is less likely to believe that than his typist. Which is just ridiculous :D

Godmode! Yes magic users shouldnt do it. Neither should the norms. The antimagic devices started off used cleverly. Now they are common place and spoiling a lot of peoples fun. To use antimagic you must believe in it. I have also never seen a magic user Godmode.

Also, there is a strong feeling that NB is rapidly making it clear that magic users are not welcome. Whether this is the intent or not does not matter. It is happening. Ban common-use antimagic (that can kill an RP in seconds. “Turn on the device! Watson lets end this terror” “Oh! its just a glowing dog holmes!”) If its just a new toy fair play, if its a way to stop “the silly nonsense” then stop it. Magic is in the stones of NB and always has been. Sort it out you nuts!

Thats me done. No meaness meant.

”’DreddPirateBob on November 3, 2009 at 2:47pm”’

Just read tenks post about the godmoding. Ok, hadnt heard it but i believe you. Seems those two examples were more “superbeing’ rather than magic powers but i see what you mean and trust yer judgement and general ‘been in babbage a lot more than bob’ rank :)

”’Ceejay Writer on November 3, 2009 at 2:50pm”’

The small smelly idjut made me grin. In SL, Ceejay is not the least bit inclined towards magic, but is pretty good at mundane human trickery if it helps her meet her goals. Her RL typist has Wiccan tendencies and very much believes in certain strengths and natural untapped powers in all of us. Ceejers probably hates living in my head. :)

It occurs to me that a flipside discussion might be amusing sometime, too. A discussion of what limitations and tolerances non-magical folk might have. Not right now though, we’ve got enough to ponder and chew on.

”’Mr. Tenk on November 3, 2009 at 3:11pm”’

no meanness taken bob

”’Kit SpiritWeaver on November 3, 2009 at 2:46pm”’

We don’t really consider ourselves a magic-user, but since we’re a shapeshifter, others may disagree. So here’s a basic run-down on what we are, and what we can and can’t do.

We are a created being, originally crafted by a group of mad scientists with some financial backing from a madman who wanted to create the ultimate warrior for his own dark purposes. We are the product of mad science gone horribly wrong. Several beings–human and nonhuman–were merged into one for this special purpose, through a tortuous process which led to the eventual result you see before you now.

We are capable of shifting between various forms, some of which still retain individual personalities. There are a small handful of us who come to what we call “ascendency” most frequently, and these are the ones who were originally the most sentient of the beings who became us. At least two of our personalities were also created as direct by-products of the merge–our Guardian side, fiercely protective of younglings (such as most of us once were, before we were stolen off the streets for our former masters’ dark purposes), and…well, the less said about Kali, the better. The torments we suffered created a Dark Side, so to speak, but we keep it well contained. Mostly.

But do we cast spells? Perform rituals? Have special powers aside from shapeshifting? No. Do we even believe in magic? We’re fairly agnostic about it, really. We do believe that there are unexplained phenomena, but we suspect there’s some underlying reason for it that might be scientifically explainable in a later age, if not our own. Though the world is full of strange things, and we remain willing to be convinced otherwise.

”’LoPixie Artful on November 3, 2009 at 3:01pm”’

((tho she’s clumsy about it, Lo is more and more aware that, in babbage at least, magic is mainly in the mind. she will boast that she freed kane and pip from binding, but quietly thinks she simply chanted the right words of latin to allow them to mentally free themselves… so she is very keen to learn about the sciences of alchemy and electricity, quickly!

”’Sarah “Sparrow” Donogal on November 3, 2009 at 3:27pm”’

I ain’t got magic. Not a lick of it. All I gots is a heapin’ helpin’ o’ cute and sass. And some leanin’s t’wards some mad science, which I get natural from my Daddy and Mam, but they both died from it, so it scares me some as well.

I believe in magic, though, yes sirree! There’s a lot o’ weird things in th’ world, lemme tell ya! If magic works partway ‘cuz o’ the believer, then I guess I’d be right affected by it. *nods, wide-eyed*

”’Beq Janus on November 3, 2009 at 4:28pm”’

Oh Oh can I have a go on this please?

By some stroke of magic or underhand trickery, it turns out that Beq is actually human, 100% mundane, run of the mill human being. Bugger!

She was raised in a religious society, cast out into poverty and crime and shown that if there were a god, omnipotent and omnipresent, they were lazy and neglectful, all in all they were not the kind of being she would be inclined to worship. Instead she fell back upon the teachings of science, mathematics and human experience.

Babbage has thus been somewhat challenging to her world view. She has after all in her time here, conversed, fought and made love with transdimensional beings, “elder gods”, lycans, vampires, and timelords. Indeed, one assumes the very high timelord count in Babbage can only be attributed to the presence of the clockwinder, who is after all responsible for the calibration of their Tardis’ (Tardae?). She however, in a most human way, manages to rationalise most of this is trickery or science (I guess aligning with the Arthur C Clarke quote I posted above, but coming at it from behind).

I don’t have a problem with magic per se. In Babbage we have always accepted non-human avatars and their purported pwers but they have to be rationalised to fit with the steampunk/gothic/victorian theme.

It is in keeping with our period to have an obsession with gothic horrors. But Lycans and vampire cease to be of interest if they are ten a penny. I have walked away from at least 2 Werewolf RPs because I was simply bored with the idea, having played out the preceding two storylines, and in dismay at the lack of imagination shown by the perosn who wanted yet another. However, the very concept of the fearful werewolf, the mysterious vampire, and their deployment as a gothic horror storyline is rendered obsolete when we have anthro-foxes/wolves etc.running around with ghouls and vampires as normal accepted members of society. That is not to say that one or other is more right, this is a matter of choice and context, Armada, baed on the book The Scar, has a race of Vampires, a condition explained as a viral condition. This is not absurd in the books, it is part of the natural order, the tensions that exist are those that exist between races in any other society. They do not however have the victorian mystique about them as they are no longer mythological but everyday. My point is quite simply that the two themes do not make sense in the same story (and Babbage is for me a single continuous ongoing story). If I lived in a society where 6 foot talking wolves were my neighbours, I would naturally be less fearful of them and a werewolf would simply be a mass murderer of the Wolf part of society, potentially provoking racial hatred but not containing any overt mystical overtones.

In order to have some cohesion with our story we have to understand what is natural, and what is out of place. The novelty is lost when the Supernatural becomes the Natural. It is no longer news worthy.

It is my desire for the story, for any story that engages me, to be credible and thus the magic that Beq is exposed to or even wields has to work for me at a story level, it has to fit with the understood nature of the world or be truly wonderous. How do I deal with that? I ignore that which makes no sense. It is a very human condition, the ability of the mind to paper over the cracks. And of course there is no reason for her not to believe that any given magical item was not in fact invented in the far future, and brought back by one of those pesky timelord people. But this brings us to the limitations of powers issue, if my story has an unkillable, unbeatable, tall, goodlooking, rich, wise, witty, ambdexterous, I am unlikely to find anyone who wants to play with me.

That said, I am of course my own worst enemy. Beq once found a cursed magical item, you can find this recounted in her Blog, back in August/September last year. As it posessor she is cursed with immortality, and to be perfectly frank, I was expecting to get rid of it in the course of my last major RP outing but it never came to pass. This artifact renders many storylines futile and makes Beq open to all kinds of godmode accusations. However, in my adherence to the ongoing story, I need to destroy it before I can give it up. Thus it was worked into the Vampire storyline from last December, resulting in the hybrid, living vampire that was Beq, and of course allowing her ultimately to dismiss the entire affair as some advanced trickery and mind control.

OK I’ve even confused myself now so I think I’ll shut up again.

”’DreddPirateBob on November 3, 2009 at 5:02pm”’

Ah bravo! I had not thought about the concept of how the unusual becomes the mundane when faced with it everyday. A very valid point and one worth thinking more about. Not only on what will become eldritch and worrying now, but also on just whether the old stuff should be RPed as such “Hullo Mr Werewolf! Hows the pups?” :D

Actually! Now i think about it, what better way to deal with a werewolf than make cracks about doggy biscuits! Eh Gus? HEEHEEheeeheeheeehe

this is something i shall ponder Beq. Very interesting

”’Dr. Augustus Dayafter on November 3, 2009 at 5:21pm”’

Which is one of the reasons I wrote the story about becoming Not a werewolf, and my stay away from Babbage to make the plot seem believable. That, and Beq didn’t want to play with me while I was a Lycan… *sad face*

Just picking on ya Beqs :P

”’Katherine Montpark on November 3, 2009 at 5:33pm”’

Prezactly, I should say! I have to admit, I’m a huge fan of supernatural stories set in the Victorian age, vampires and werewolves and such, but I don’t really bring that love into my second life simply because there are so many vampires and werewolves and such parading around here. I, and by association, my character and all my alts, see magic or people who claim themselves to be magical as so commonplace as to barely warrant a raised eyebrow. Everybody wants to be different, but so many are “different” now that it’s all the same, if that sentence makes any sense.

On an off-note, despite the fact that Kat was born with gills and has been known to be very knowledgeable in rumors about the darkmer, she figures that her aquatic traits are more likely the result of ancestors who ran into a mad scientist than coming from supernatural means, and views most “magic” similarly. Magic is only magical until it can be explained by science, after all!

”’Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle on November 3, 2009 at 6:45pm”’

As the Grandpa says as the end of the The Lost Boys: “One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach, all the damn vampires.” To him they’re as common as the various critters he stuff for his taxidermy. Nothing scary at all.

”’Cral Denimore on November 3, 2009 at 4:45pm”’

I always find these discussions of the basic workings/underpinnings of New Babbage to be quite fascinating and captivating. One would assume, though, that with all the iron, copper, bronze alloys, cut stone and glass, etc., and the associated paving over of the natural world, (not to mention all the hissing, clanking, and electrical arcing) magical workings of any kind within the city limits would be quite difficult and frought with peril for the practitioner.

Save perhaps for very special locations, at very special times…

”’Mr. Tenk on November 3, 2009 at 4:51pm”’

oh sure, yes. ask Henry. If you can get it out of him…

”’Mr Underby on November 3, 2009 at 5:05pm”’

Yes, some of us have had to move to the very edge of open town to escape attention and noise. Ahem.

”’LoPixie Artful on November 3, 2009 at 5:06pm”’

((…lo can shapeshift thanks to willpower and belief. underby taught her there. she has been searching out someone who might explain to her the science behind it, tho. one kindly gentleman said that magic and science are branches on the same tree of knowledge. others have told her that all magic has a scientific reason to it. she is rather curious about that. ))

”’LoPixie Artful on November 3, 2009 at 5:33pm”’

((… and with kane’s help, and underby’s poor advice, lo has been thinking a lot lately about minds and emotions, truth and illusions, and the connections between people. she thinks they might be the key to the most powerful magic of all.

”’Grendel Footman on November 3, 2009 at 6:03pm”’

pretty much, RP with magic abilities sn’t hard when done right, even the zappity mages in fantasy RP sims, have limitations to their magic, mana has to be just right, it takes alot of mental exertion, they’re wearing iron, etc. I occasionally play in the Ambrea sims as a necromancer, I can only raise undead armies and do the more powerful spells during certian times of the year (all the zappity zappit is handled by a meter, too much zappity, and the mage’s hit points can dwindle and you can die) Magic itself isn’t too likely to cause godmoding, it’s when there’ no limitations that you get g0dmoding (You cant kill me! I have a magic forcefield that makes all attacks bounce off me and makes me invincible and able to fart out lightning!)

For me it’s more the setting, a place like babbage and steamunk settings in general, blend better with the old ancient rites from an evil book done in dark corners, alchemical experiments, maybe the occasional flashy effect, on rare occasions, shapesifting, and maybe making a large wish granting machine powered by an orphan’s heart (gotta love Venture Bros., even if it’s not steampunk). Randomly tossing fireballs, throwing thunderbolts, polymorphing the tram into a giant, slime spitting marmoset, those fit a little less.

Dragons, I can accept them as large, flying lizards, possibly evolved from dinosaurs, even sentient in some occasions (we have animal people that are sentient afterall). the only gripe I have with dragons is generally more technical, as awesome as some of the larger dragon avi’s are, you get too many in one spot (like, more than one), lag storms ahead, some sims have actually made a rule to limit how many large dragons can be there at any one time.

fairies, pixies, redcaps, Sidhe, Tuatha De Danann, victorians did have an interest in fairies, Arthur Conan Doyle even beleived a couple girls took pictures of fairies (even though it turned out to be a hoax).

IC, i’d do what any victorian would of done if they ever had a real live fairy in frnt of them, study them, run some tests, hook them up to machines,

zappity zappity, i’d never really do here, sumoning a shoggoth after weeks of researching the ritual, and preforming it way up in the air on the deck of an airship away from prying eyes, and almost dying again? sure, raising a zombie epidemic (wich was actuall more a virus anyway), no problem.
exploding the lab trying to develop an alchemical formula to increase endurance? why not.

far as alchemy goes, that’s partially why I never really RP’d a reaction to the devices despite the fact I am an alchemically animated corpse, (beyond an itching sensation) is because alchemy did bring about the real science of chemistry, and some RL alchemical formula, were perfectly valid chemical compounds (gunpowder)

so, little understood science by my book

”’Chronos the Sinner on November 3, 2009 at 6:40pm”’

So I guess I have to introduce myself?

I am Chronos the Sinner. I am not often seen on ground level or at all. I do know my very presence makes other’s uncomfortable, some faint, other’s round up pitchforks and chase after me. So I decided to make like a gargoyle and just watch the streets below. I came to New Babbage on the behest of my brother Lunar to shadow a young urchin because of some murders and make sure they are safe but she has no idea I am following her. A few of the ‘evil scientists’ actually noticed me due to some metal contraption that could detect me and gave me a peculiar proposition, to spy on others for them, listen in on secret conversations. So I do, it pays handsomely and farmers care nothing about herding a bunch of cattle to an empty field as long as they get paid quite well and don’t have to witness me feeding.

I was born in Hell… my father is an elf and my mother is Pandamonium herself. As for powers they call me the hundred demon slayer. For this atrocity I was cast out of hell into this realm. It is a longer story but I would rather not bore with details. It was a hive mind society whereas this is not so I am very alone save a little nun that follows me around.

ooc. As for powers Chronos is very powerful, he was trained as a warrior though as a banished demon with a consciousness he had himself subjugated to seal that power unless he is in a demonic themed sim where he can combat other’s of his nature. If you want to engage him he will more than likely not fight and run away to hide. He can be harmed, bullets do hurt, he bleeds black blood but as for being killed only another demon could ever do that. He is shy, clumsy, and quiet and generally stays in the shadows where he does his dealings with the evil scientists for information.

He used to have a childs form he reverted back into when his power was sealed but after some extremely inappropriate situations from other’s (I’ve never had to AR so many people before some people are sick) it was decided that he would remain in his demon form even subjugated.

The dampeners in place wouldn’t really have an effect on him, rather than the collar he wears to subdue himself because it was imbued by an elf. It was a choice to wear the collar so he will likely steer clear of those areas.

I decided this was the best way to RP Chronos in a more modern industrial city, keep him away from everyone, in the shadows, and black market dealings hidden away from everyone. All his ‘demonic’ RP stays in a demon sim, he’s just a demon character.

”’Mr. Tenk on November 3, 2009 at 7:01pm”’

Oh, right. i’m supposed to lay my cards on the table.

Before tenk lived full time in new babbage, he could do about anything common folklore would allow, from putting you asleep by blowing sand in your eyes to spinning straw into gold in return for your first born child, and some modern twists, like once a year participating in a grand astronomical calculation that let some poor sap spend the rest of his life on an endless task in the space of one night. silly things that were funny because they were so under the radar that no one else was doing it. He will strangle cattle, and worse, if the forms assigned to his archetype are not met, and will succumb to the natural vanity of his race and abandon his duties if you give him a really nice suit.

then he found new babbage, and he wondered, can a person like me hang onto his niche in a world that no longer believes in him? the fey race his is based on still survives in urban settings in scandinavian countries, nearly intact from pre-christian times. how did they manage that? very carefully, i suppose. so tenk became the clockwinder that lived on the rooftops, and now that he is more visible, he takes great pains to pretend to be human.

in my imagination, the New Bababge continuum is a very dangerous place to be fae. i try to justify fae magic with some sort of probiblity distortion, which is lame, but, oh, crap, is that what is always going wrong?

lets say we go with Loki’s speculations about the cloud angels. When they left, the arcane machines of the Old Empire ground to a halt, triggering the economic disaster that was the Collapse. Those must have been desperate times. Within a generation, the fae races went from fact to fairytale. If tenk was around during the chaos following the Collapse, he may have seen his cousins being stuffed in variants of those machines. The technology is still around. Look at those batteries Prof. Footman is working on…

Tenk believes its safer for everyone if magic is just forgotten. He does not want to meet someone that believes in him, because that person might know what he can do. Especially if that person is a sorceror.

so there is my too much information moment.

”’DreddPirateBob on November 3, 2009 at 7:28pm”’

yeah right! Dont try and be all special, you just were a shortarsed sickly kid who is just trying to make himself more interestin! i see through you!

sheesh, some folk think we’ll believe anything!


((and FINALLY i get the history i have always wondered about! Theres some great stuff from the old times that should come to light at some point. once someone writes it. :) ))

”’Mara Razor on November 3, 2009 at 8:03pm”’

”points out that little Lillium heard you speaking elvish with Mara last night”

”’Mr. Tenk on November 3, 2009 at 9:25pm”’

she knows elvish on sound? foreign language is foreign language if its not something you’ve heard before.

”’Ceejay Writer on November 3, 2009 at 9:29pm”’

Damn, at LAST your profile info bio makes *sense*. Now I can put those braincells onto another project! (PS: Change my cafe in your picks to the new locale or I douse the fire, whee.)

Well done, well done. Nicely presented. And now I go back to not knowing a lick of this, IC.

”’Mr. Tenk on November 4, 2009 at 10:34am”’

he’s a real bitch to play because of all the hardwired behaviors he has. one day this complete noob came to town koff*koff*underby*koff* and triggered most of them. i am never writing a character like that again.

”’Wallis Graves on November 3, 2009 at 7:24pm”’

Wallis is human. No enhancements of a supernatural nature at all. She did grow up in Maine (were an author named King will later write about the bizarre inhabitants of the state) and has studied at the Miskatonic University. She’s studied ritual magic and knows that the things that go bump in the night a very real.

Can she zap you with magik? Of course not. Magik is something that takes intense concentration and requires the gathering of power. Can she shoot you with a gun or smack you upside the head with a boot? Sure, if provoked. She very physically fit but she’s not immune to anything.

For me magik is best likened to macramé or knitting. You start with the basic material but you have to knot it over and over again to shape it into the form you need or require. Some things interfere with the process. Iron has traditionally been a ward against fae magic, though you could argue that steel is an alloy so not pure iron. On top of this is the magical Dead Zone emanating from the Old Quarter. She’s been researching the archives trying to find references to its cause but a lot of things have been lost.

For me belief shouldn’t enter into it. If done properly magik will or won’t affect you regardless of whether you believe in it or not. Magik in Babbage is a tool and cannot be ignored the same way flying doesn’t mean that gravity no longer exists. The obvious problem with magik is it’s a bit like steampunk in that everyone has their own opinion of how it works. If you get into a sim where magik is intrinsically part of it then magik is usually codified and spelled out in rules and forms. With Babbage being a RP optional zone there’s no yes or no answer and people will claim their magic comes from a goddess or that it comes from books.

The biggest problem with magik in New Babbage is that often there’s an element of forcing an external concept to fit into the city, rather than trying to find one that works with how the city is.

Oh and some non-magical inspiration for Wallis is at the start of this video

”’Mr. Tenk on November 3, 2009 at 9:33pm”’

””there’s an element of forcing an external concept to fit into the city, rather than trying to find one that works with how the city is.””

Wallis nailed it here…. perhaps the reason many of us are annoyed by tardis objects, embassys, stargates and portals is that they rooted in somewhere else. These things aren’t part of us and it gets under our skin.

The story is about the City.
It is always about the City.

”’Kane Qork on November 3, 2009 at 7:45pm”’

Kane Qork arrived in New Babbage as a gargoyle, a creature made from a stone statue and animated by an enchantment which sealed a living spirit inside the stone body.

It turned out, as part of a rather spontaneous roleplay scene, that the spirit trapped inside was that of a dragon. Thanks to Lo, Kane can alternate between the two forms.

That’s a lot of magic. And I can understand objections to it.

If you’ll notice, Kane spends less than a minute in the air when he does fly. And as a gargoyle, he often sits perfectly still to conserve energy, since the ley lines are so dead in NB.

Gargoyles seem to be quite appropriate characters for the setting, and they’re somewhat reminiscent of the “old world” of magic physically as well as metaphorically, and its last vestiges. It seems appropriate to have one animated gargoyle amongst NB’s residents. More than one would be stretching it. As for dragons, again, representative of the old world of the fae being replaced by the new world of technology.

I stay largely out of most people’s business, so they are free to ignore me or consider my animated nature a trick of swamp gas or the like. I think it’s valid and even interesting to have IC reactions like that to this character.

I’ve recently come to understand that some people have OOC issues with the character. I’ve come across at least one plot in NB from which I am banned, and a fellow used an administrator-type Freeze command on me when I attempted to join my friends in the Return of Underby scene, and made some OOC comments. I get the sense that some don’t want me to exist in New Babbage at all, which is fine, but interrupting a roleplay scene because you object to some element of a person’s persona is a bit much. Fine to bring it up after the scene, or in a tandem IM chat. I parlayed it into an IC effect, dropped hints that Underby may have done it, or Gilhooly with his anti-magic backpack, to give them both something to play off of if they so choose.

I wish these people would have simply IMd me so we could discuss their issues. I’m a very open person. I don’t think I’m scary behind the keyboard, and Kane the character is all bluster. He’s really a sweetie. Just ask Lo.

But if a number of people think it’s better for New Babbage if I go away, and there’s no room for such a creature in a Victorian city, I probably will go away.

”’Mr. Tenk on November 3, 2009 at 9:37pm”’

I dunno Kane.. every time i have tried to rp with you about where did this statue come from… or i coulda swore this statue was over there last night, you’ve hopped away pretty quick. i’ve never seen you stand still.

”’Kane Qork on November 3, 2009 at 9:53pm”’

My fault then. Kane’s actually stood stock still for hours in the same position on a rooftop. When people believe Kane to be a statue, I usually give them the benefit of the doubt and stay quiet, unless it looks like they want to be engaged and introduced to the statue moving and talking. It’s hard for me to tell sometimes. I hope to get better at it.

”’Ghilayne Andrew on November 3, 2009 at 8:17pm”’

Wonderful, interesting discussion… thank you for starting the topic, Mr. Underby.

Ghilayne is human, if she has any “magic” it would be an unfortunate tendency to be a chaos magnet. Odd things happen around her, granted… that mummy her husband dug up coming to life, for instance. But she is not the cause of any of it, only affected. She has an abiding interest in the occult, mythology, and parapsychology especially as they manifest in different cultures — much the same was as a Victorian lady might.

She has seen ghosts, been affected by witchcraft, and is definitely empathic, but doesn’t believe any of that to be “magic,” rather, like her typist, Ghilayne views the so-called paranormal as merely an unrecognized, erratic form of energy that people have forgotten how to use as they’ve evolved into the creatures we are today. Speech replaced telepathy, medicine replaced spirit-mending, and disbelief replaced vision. Yet, she still believes that people are, at odd and unexpected times, able to call upon a vestigial ability to use that energy… some people more than others… and usually unconsciously rather than willfully. It’s why we sense someone watching… what gives us deja-vu… know life-energy of the departed is near… or hear that soft voice whispering advice in the back of our minds. “Take your umbrella. Really.” or “Putting your keys in the bathroom sink so you won’t forget where you put them is a bad idea.”

Not “magic” and not unnatural… but not readily explainable, either.

”’Ceejay Writer on November 3, 2009 at 8:44pm”’

Miss Andrew’s explanation of herself quite embodies a Victorian Interestingly Quirky Woman, in my mind. Just sayin’. This works for me, quite well.

”’Kandace Commons on November 3, 2009 at 8:40pm”’

My personal opinion on the matter is that it’s all about the effort involved. I find the occult and such fascinating, when you have to really work for the fruits of your ‘magic’ then I’m good with that, as long as it doesn’t get out of hand. It’s the inherent magic that’s really the problem. Fairies and elves and the like. Working in secret, in the dark, getting mysterious deliveries for many months to bring about some powerful magic, well done. Randomly turning into a dragon whenever you want? Pretty lame, and not even worth recognizing as a valid roleplaying event. At that point, you just become a griefer as far as I’m concerned. Inherent magic is much more difficult to pull off with any success, and very few of the inherently magical people in Babbage manage it.

The other thing is, Tenk has said that magic users should be careful of boasting about their magic in Babbage, as hunters and the like are a well documented part of Babbage’s history. Perhaps, given that, you should consider being less flamboyant about whatever powers you happen to lay claim to, and perhaps it would bother people less. Shouting several times a day that you are magical and can rip people’s spines out and transform into dragons and whatever else is, in my mind, stepping outside the theme of Babbage, which makes it even less worthy of being acknowledged than it already was. Just because there’s not many people actively roleplaying hunters, doesn’t mean you can pretend that that part of Babbage’s theme doesn’t apply to you.

Also, I have to wonder, for the ‘natural’ magic people, why Babbage? Babbage may not be completely barren of nature, but it’s about as close as is possible to get, on top of being built primarily out of components that you claim hurt you (iron and the like). So, can you justify why your character would choose to stay in a place that was essentially perpetual torment instead of going somewhere else? Even if you don’t consider it torment, it is, at best, a place where you can never hope to reach your magical potential. It’s like getting a master’s degree in business and then working as a cashier at K-Mart.

”’Ceejay Writer on November 3, 2009 at 8:53pm”’

I will admit that I’ve clashed with Kandace in the past, due to our wildly different personalities and goals, but I will be honest here and applaud this comment. I would be very interested in hearing why those affiliated with natural magic chose New Babbage to be their home. The iron is everywhere. The earth, what’s left of it beneath the cobblestones, is no doubt soaked thoroughly with oils and various substances from the machinery our engineers constantly build. The air is thick with soot. The water is tainted and produces distorted creatures. So, yes… why Babbage, and not a lighter, cleaner, more nature-friendly environment?

”’Captain Finley Twine on November 3, 2009 at 8:58pm”’

Let me help this along… do not take offense at this question folks as it is not meant as a slight or an insult. It is merely a question of curiosity. Remember, in an online forum venue, such as this, you CANNOT hear the tone of voice somebody is using. We all infer things about what somebody else has typed. Just as Gus was loathe to continue with Mara earlier because he did not want his words to sound like an insult to someboy he respected.

That being said, please carry on :)

”’Ceejay Writer on November 3, 2009 at 9:08pm”’

Exactly, Fin. I am honestly curious why, out of all the sims in all of SL, why various sorts have chosen Babbage as their home. I didn’t pose my query as an ‘omg get out of here!’ Just tell me *why* Babbage appeals to you, and why, in spite of all our ponderous industry, you thrive in the midst of industrial chaos. Make me believe in you, as I labor to make you believe in the reasons a daydreaming writer would wish you to sit upon pillows in an outdoor cafe, in a city of creative madmen.

”’Red on November 5, 2009 at 12:35pm”’

Honestly? Have you ever looked at one of those pictures that’s all in black and white, dim and dismal, and then someone colorised just one flower? Isn’t that beautiful? We magical creatures are not here ot annoy anyone, or get under your skin, or change your landscape, or mess up your theme. I for one love the magic of mechanics, and the joy of seeing people take a dull pile of stone and metal and turn it into something alive with hissing and clangs, movement and light. THat’s just as magical to me as anything. And not only that, it speaks of hope because it means that no matter what happens, no matter how little we’re left with, we have our intillect and our opposable thumbs and nothing can keep us down.

That’s why I’ve come to New Babbage. That, and to be that bright spot of color in someone’s dull landscape. I’m just here to dish out hugs and bring smiles, and hope.

”’Tsula Foxtrot on November 5, 2009 at 9:46pm”’

Alright, to answer Why: Tsula is too young to have known much other than the whistle and clang of machinery, That is after all what his father Does, so I do have more than a small bit of background on the matter. it is Tsu’s favorite thing to do, to Create. Tsu’s father was in an accident working on his airship, and was whisked away….towards NB. Tsu knows he’s not here, but figured his dad will come looking for him (since he agreed to do that at some point)

Why did I chose the race and abilities I have?

Comming into the Sims I honestly didn’t really KNOW the plot here, so I asked around as to what was acceptable and what was not and was told by All I asked that my race choice was perfectly acceptable, and since its a persona that I’ve played across many different genre, its comfortable for me to play, background intact. Had it not been so, I would still have played here. I love NB in so many ways, but i would have respected the groundrules and been a perfectly normal human child should they have been such.

What are Tsu’s abilities…..

well lets cover both, since they are both magical in nature at their roots.

Tsu can heal wounds ( and by heal lets be exact, he can speed up the process of natural healing to an astonishing rate) with some fairly major restrictions, he cannot for instance, regenerate somebody’s limbs or bring them back from the dead, but he can alternately, coerce a bone back to its correct placement, or cause wounds to close quickly, blood to replenish itself rapidly. however he cannot do this to himself, ever, for any reason, not even in a life threatening situation.

and secondly, Tsu’s construction ability, no he’ can’t make metal do anything that anyone else can’t do, but he has an aptitude for his creations that an person his age would not “normally” have, as it is his direct link to his father
that gives him this. no supernatural communication or anything like that. just ….kind of like a genetic memory, but more…well magically inherent and continuous.

Other than that, Tsu is a Fox…..he’s mortal, and “normal” in all other respects, except that perhaps he is more polite than all but a very few people he’s met in NB.

I like playing Tsula here, its fantastic, if you all decide that this persona isn’t allowed here because you’ve come to the conclusion that he doesn’t fit here as is, well….awwww, oh well /me makes new persona and continues to play in Babbage. If not, then rest assured, I like playing Tsula the Fox, the polite urchin that gets hurt, and sick, and whines occasionally, and is brave the rest of the time, makes things for others all the time, and tries to make the world a cohesive place where we all exist in relative harmony (not peace, or anything like that mind you ;) ) .

How to play with Tsu,

If you simply CANNOT interact with me because of what you seeand you simply cannot pretend I’m a particularly UGLY child , then either tell me A) “I am choosing not to interact with you because I don’t feel your character belongs here” or B) Don’t engage me at all.

Certainly, disparaging comments only incite retaliation and though I’m not prone to it, I do occasionally indulge that side of my personality, and all things considered, I’d rather not. I don’t like being that kind of person.

Lets play on, shall we ;)

”’Ghilayne Andrew on November 5, 2009 at 10:18pm”’

Please accept an alternative, C, also?

C) “I’m sorry, I’ve got to finish what I’m working on here and am not in character at the moment, but would enjoy playing some other time.”

:) It’s not always just one thing or the other.

”’Tsula Foxtrot on November 6, 2009 at 4:53am”’

True, even here its not a black and white world, and Yes I find C perfectly acceptable, however, as a way to respond to me if you do not find me acceptable as a candidate for rp, C doesn’t really apply. But, yes by all means,hehehe A, and B are meant as guidelines, not a hard and fast, “you MUST do this or kittens will perish” kind of statement, please, forgive me if it came out sounding that way =)

”’LoPixie Artful on November 6, 2009 at 12:07am”’

yay! :D

”’Mara Razor on November 3, 2009 at 9:12pm”’

Mara’s here because she adores those loveable scamps – the urchins. They’re what makes Babbage what it is to her. If they weren’t here, she probably wouldn’t be either.

Kandace – if you’ve got such issues with magic feel free to get down on all fours, hop around, eat carrots and grass, and definitely don’t talk.

”’Ceejay Writer on November 3, 2009 at 9:20pm”’

Fair enough, Mara. You’ve proven time and time again that the urchins are dear to your heart. Might I press you a bit further, if I may be so bold? I’m curious what brought Mara to a place in her life of taking this stand, of staying in a hostile natural environment, for the sake of the children. I could suppose various reasons (lack of her own children, abuse as a child herself, yadda yadda yadda) but your story isn’t mine to tell. Perhaps think about indulging us with a story soon?

”’Kandace Commons on November 3, 2009 at 9:50pm”’

I second this. Babbage is a disease on the natural world. It’s something that it seems like all nature-bound beings would find abhorrent to an unspeakable degree. We do everything in our power to crush and destroy and bend and warp nature to an industrial purpose, there can’t be a greater enemy to the fairies and elves and suchlike. So what is it about the children of the greatest enemies to nature that make you want to stick around here?

”’Grendel Footman on November 3, 2009 at 10:08pm”’

why do you think I started working on fairy batteres? if anything, I would expect that to be a concern among some of the fey community in Babbage, its oily, full of iron, magic doesn’t work too aweful well, plants don’t really grow well here, and there’s a slightly mad scientist who thinks you could be the next ‘cloud angel’.

I’d of expected that to be a common goal of alot of local mad scientists, ‘let’s rig up some of those glittery immigrants wth wings to a hydraulic samophlangerator and see what happens!”

”’Kandace Commons on November 3, 2009 at 10:14pm”’

I would like to underwrite your venture. How much capital do you need?

”’Mr. Tenk on November 3, 2009 at 10:24pm”’

Now *that* is good roleplay!

”’Mara Razor on November 3, 2009 at 9:56pm”’

Mara’s always liked children. They have a spirit not normally seen in human adults. She’s also a firm believer that the old ways should not be forgotten. It may have to adapt (such as Wicca in our world), but it’s shouldn’t be forgotten or discarded. Forgetting the old ways is what leads to humans having what Tree Beard called minds of metal.

Mara believes that the best way for the children to believe in the old ways, is for her to let it be known what she is. Also, if you read the Lord of the Rings, elves resemble exceptionally tall humans. Mara is exceptionally tall for a female elf. Imagine a 6’5″ female in our world, and that’s Mara. Mara simply cannot blend in as a normal human, so she doesn’t try.

As for why Mara doesn’t live amoung her own kind – when Darkside closed I found most of the sims dedicated to elven roleplay simply suck. I had a lot of time and effort invested into Mara’s character and wanted to preserve her, and Babbage actually seemed like the best place to do that. IC: Mara officially fled faery because she suffers from an arranged marriage. She is also in the line of succession to the Seelie throne. The king is immortal, so for someone else to rise to the throne, the king would have to be killed. The king often gets paranoid that someone in the line of succession is plotting to do him in and take the trhone, and he arranges to have that person killed. Mara doesn’t want to be queen, and just prefers to live below the king’s radar by living apart from court and the intrigues that happen there.

((OOC: In 1888 my great-great-great grandfather wrote a letter in which he refered to his “future generations” and what kind of world he hoped we’d live in. In this world in which people with minds of metal want to consume all the world’s resources and destroy the natural places without any thought of the fact that our future generations will also have need of these things, *I* just hope my future generations will have a world to live in. That’s why Mara doesn’t want the old ways forgotten. She fears that forgetting will ultimately result in the destruction of the earth, and the future generations (which she will know) of her beloved scamps will have no world to live in.))

”’Ceejay Writer on November 3, 2009 at 10:10pm”’

Thank you Mara, that is most enlightening, both IC and OOC!

”’Mara Razor on November 3, 2009 at 10:22pm”’

Also think of the people taking stands in cities across America today – fighting for bike lanes, greenways, turning parking spots into parks once a year, fighting for green spaces. There’s plenty of people who say those people should just go live somewhere else, but those people know that they have to make a stand where they are – or it will just get worse – there will be no future. Mara’s just a forerunner of those people.

”’Fono Heninga on November 5, 2009 at 1:02pm”’

Has anyone ever raised eyebrows at Mara’s caring for the urchins, what with fairies’ reputation regarding child-stealing and so on?

”’Kandace Commons on November 5, 2009 at 4:58pm”’

If I had children, I certainly wouldn’t let them anywhere near the soup kitchen. Just what is in that soup, anyway?

”’Ceejay Writer on November 5, 2009 at 5:01pm”’

Vegetables grown in pots of Babbage soil on the rooftop, under a dimmed sun and sooty skies. What could possibly taste wrong?

”’Alfred Rajesh on November 5, 2009 at 5:06pm”’

”chuckles, then looks down at his spoonful of soup”

Please forgive me, I must… *runs out of the room*

”’Victor on November 3, 2009 at 9:27pm”’

I’m here cause i was dozing around on the border of the then 1 day old Clockhaven (Oolon “Old Man” Sputnik mentioned that there was a new sim under dev in New Babbage), and some old looking chap named Doctor Obolensky came along, started chatting about how New Babbage welcomes new folks and wandered off, then a short gnome fellow came along, Mr Tenk, whom i didnt know was the mayor at the time, and we got to talking as well, 2 hours later i was the owner of the plot that would eventually become Fullarton “Good god that building sticks out like a sore thumb” House…

At the time i didn’t think or even expect magic to be used in New Babbage, i expected it moreso in the likes of Caledon, thats why when i came here i made the concious choice to stick with only the timelord half of the avatar and drop the demon, blood sucking half vampire/lycan part of the character and bury it deep only to show up now again again (when i cant be bothered changing avatars when coming back from the station for instance). I reckoned there would be magical type beings, like fae’s, wizzards et al, but i thought they would practice their occupation in secret covens.

As for the orignal reason i actaulyl teleported into CLockhaven just after i heard it was open? I needed a holiday home away from the station since my New Orleans lighthouse in another sim was demolished after i sold the land.

”’Ghilayne Andrew on November 3, 2009 at 9:31pm”’

””was the owner of the plot that would eventually become Fullarton “Good god that building sticks out like a sore thumb” House…””

Sometimes… that’s what helps give a town character.

~~owner of the “that’s really pink” house… (and what’s funny is that there are buildings far more pink in the city than my poor, maligned home…)

”’Mr. Tenk on November 3, 2009 at 10:03pm”’

and before that he was “oh yeah, that guy who leaves the tardis on the sea wall and marina all the time so go ahead and zap it, Doc”

”’Victor on November 3, 2009 at 10:30pm”’

You sure thats me? The exteriors i use, cant be left behind, its the same system Oolon put down in Port and Square under the previous mayor…

”’Mr. Tenk on November 3, 2009 at 10:57pm
the “1st” in your name made it memorable

”’Jimmy Branagh on November 3, 2009 at 10:06”’

Jimmy’s here because he can think of few better roles in SL for a kid AV than to play an OLIVER!-esque orphan in a city steaming with influence from the likes of Jules Verne, HG Wells and HP Lovecraft, and because of the high-quality work of most of the role players here that make the whole thing believable, if just for a little while.

I think the magical realism that has crept into Babbage the last three years adds an interesting degree of the speculative to the overall picture. I mean, what could be more speculative than a tall, conversant bipedal bunny wearing an expensive suit in a 19th Century setting?

As to the overt use of magic, I think “less is more”, the same attitude given to firearms.

Just a thought.

(BTW, Jimmy at 170 years old has been visiting Babbage of late. Gotta figure a way around that pesky doppelganger problem …)

”’Kandace Commons on November 3, 2009 at 9:30pm”’

Who says I’m magical? I certainly don’t, and Tenk doesn’t think of furries as magical either. You should avoid making brash assumptions about other people you don’t like just to try and make pointless stabs at them. It doesn’t foster good conversation.

”’Mr. Tenk on November 3, 2009 at 9:42pm”’

i’ve always thought the “beast men” were descendents of a Dr. Moreau type of experiment.

”’Grendel Footman on November 3, 2009 at 10:12pm”’

same here, makes sense to me at least

”’Gil the Sea Urchin on November 3, 2009 at 11:49pm”’

OCC: That is the case with Gil the Sea Urchin. He is a Dr. Moreau type of experiment.

”’ Katherine Montpark on November 4, 2009 at 12:21am”’

Also OOC: Although I haven’t decided for sure, I suspect a similar experiment resulted in Kat’s ancestors, especially as she comes from a long line of mad-scientist minion types.

Dangit, I really need to write up that profile on the Babbage Wiki..

”’Mr. Tenk on November 4, 2009 at 12:24am”’

yes you do.

”’Blackberry Harvey on November 4, 2009 at 12:25am”’

Blackberry is, more or less. Though he isn’t magical in any way. Unless you count his cuteness.

Which reminds me, wiki update coming soon…

”’by Sheryl Skytower on November 6, 2009 at 8:26am”’

never* underestimate the power of cute.

I’ve already had to let out my coal-burning belly belt two notches.

”’Kane Qork on November 3, 2009 at 9:50pm”’

For my own part, I think being vulnerable is just fine. I don’t roleplay so that I can be invulnerable. I roleplay so that I can be challenged, and so that I can add flavor to other people’s roleplaying experiences if they choose to incorporate it. Some are happy with my presence and play along.

Kane’s never come across as invulnerable. Sure, he’s stone, and stone is tough, but it’s rather easily smashed and broken, and acid does permanent damage to it. It’s just that no one has ever asked or even tried. He’s certainly never claimed to be omnipotent. And as a dragon, he’s just flesh. A well-placed bullet would do him in.

Why New Babbage? It’s the best place on SecondLife, as far as I’m concerned. Part of the reason is the cautiousness with which the concept is guarded with the flip side being the diversity of the populace.

”’Ianthe Farshore on November 4, 2009 at 2:15am”’

I’ll dive in here. Ianthe’s a mermaid. She can shift her shape and coloring a bit to appear as different sea themed mer, but if asked would say it’s a family trait and nothing magical at all. She’s got no answer for the Moreau question; she’d say she’s here now so what does it matter?

Why Babbage? Deep seas filled with an amazing amount of worked metal and glass. Air filled residences where sea creatures can stare at humans. Hidden underground rivers (which while smelly) offer amazing opportunities to watch mysterious city-folk and collect shinies. The waterfront feeds her growing obsessions with machinery, bottles, and hats. This is a rich city for a mer who loves to trade.

Some of the city’s neighbors have noticed that the waters around New Babbage are …different. Oil slicks, concentrations of strange chemicals, the occasional toxic current, large groups of the noisy new metal ships, even odd fish seen nowhere else. She’s had long conversations with other denizens of the sea who consider the changes around the city to be worth watching.

”’ Moses Mureaux on November 4, 2009 at 12:24am”’

I’ve seen this opinion a few times in this discussion, so I’ll add my voice to it. Whether or not the magic fits is highly dependent on the effort put into the associated RP. Crafting a story about magic based on New Babbage and how such forces would exist here is much different than trying to shoe horn just any Sword and Sorcery the setting. It’s like asking for directions in English in a room full of people who only speak Japanese. Sure, you can do it, but you’re not likely to get the response you’re looking for, no matter how much you turn up the volume.

The way I look at it, the caveats for magic are equally crucial to every other type of plot device you could use. “Mad Science” can be just as poorly thought out, and just as easily blow the suspension of disbelief. (You want a truly heated debate? Try fictional engineering and aerodynamics sometime!)

In the end, I think every story boils down more or less to a question of, “Can I invest myself in this?” It’s a very personal question. Individual mileage may vary.

”’DreddPirateBob on November 5, 2009 at 3:19am”’

((not worth its own thread but last night dredds typist (me, durrr) dreamt (had a nightmare) Mosseveno tenk was running a prison camp and experimenting on humans by adding bit of animals to them in the way portrayed in the film “Oh Lucky Man” rather than The island of Dr Moreaux. That is to say just bolting on bits of animals to humans rather than changing them to be a hybrid. It was VERY silly and utterly terrifying. This is YOUR FAULT! :D))

”’Red on November 5, 2009 at 2:01pm”’

And here is my TMI for all to read.

Hmm. My characters powers and abilities are inherited.

Red is very NOT human, though like Mr Tenk, she likes to pretend that she is. It’s interesting, Mr Underby, that you should describe your shifting abilities in just that way. Red has exactly those same mental powers, inherited from her mother, as they are common amongst fauns and satyrs – and generally used for trickery. Red however has not developed her abilities beyond the glamour that makes her appear human. A glamour that she keep always in place, and that only lifts when she sleeps/is unconcious, on All Hallows Eve, and on Midsummers – though she is unaware that it lifts at all, and thinks herself very clever.

I think it’s important to understand Red’s family background in order to understand the things that make up who Red is. Re’d mother Autumn is a spit-fire faun that is just as likely to give you flowers as she is to club your husband over the head and drag him into the bushes – in fact she would likely do both and then smile afterwards, unable to understand why you’re upset. Her special abilities are those of the mind. Through mental manipulation, she is able to make herself appear as whatever image she can pull from your subconcious, and also bring to the front of your mind basic emotions or responses such as fear, comfort, weariness, lust, anger, etc. This, fae immortality, a mean headbutt, and a love of alchohol, music and revelry are all that make up Red’s Mum.

Red’s Papa, Talisman, is a silver fox with a love for machines, robots, airship, and general creation of things with moving parts. He is also deeply rooted in Native American shamanism and lore and loves to tell stories. He is a true gentleman, though it is wise to remember that he is also an animal. He taught Red and her siblings manners, which they would not have learned if left to just their mother. Some time before any of us kids were born, while he and Autumn still lived in a natural and magical world, he was cursed by a witchdoctor with a horrible creeping death. A friend who was of dragon descent performed a ritual upon him to break the curse, and prevent his death. This ritual not only saved his life, but imbued him with dragon blood, and gave him immortality.

Talismans abilities include the ability to commune with the spirits, giving him dreams and insight into future events or what may be. He has helped each of his children to find their animal spirit guides, who watch over them, keep them safe, and teach them the life lessons they need most. He also posesses some magical healing abilities, though not without cost to himself. He also has an uncanny sense of smell, and can generally smell you coming from a ways away, and know who you are before he sees you (if he’s met you before)

So for Red, her Sister Willow, and her brother Tsula – any of these powers may manifest in time as they grow. I haven’t seen what powers Tsula has yet, but I have seen some mental and healing powers at work with Willow.

For right now, all Red can do is make herself look a little more like everyone else. She also has some small sway over peoples emotions but she doesn’t realize she’s doing it. She also sees through illusions, and lies as well. The truth is layed bare before Little Red. (only if a lie is directed at her, mind you. She doesn’t get to know all the secrets in New Babbage, thank goodness.) Conversely, Red never lies. It actually makes her physically ill if she does. Rarely, she may dodge and weave if there’s some secret she’s trying to keep, but she’ll never knowingly utter anything false.

Red is just a person like everyone else, and hates to be treated as if she is different or weird. She uses all the “magic” she knows to hide her differences, and live amongst the fascinating and wonderful people of New Babbage as any other joyful little girl would. She enjoys being around Malcom and Miss Mara and Victor because they make her feel less weird. She has also decided to keep Mr Tenk, because there’s something she thinks he needs, but she hasn’t figured out what yet.

As far as Red is concerned, her whole reason for being is to show everyone love, help them find a sense of wonder in simple things, and dish out hugs and giggle-fits whenever possible.

”’Grendel Footman on November 5, 2009 at 6:04pm”’

I should have also added,yes I am vunerable, and unhealthy, you can kill me, (rather you not, but still) it’s happened numerous times. aside from the dead part, and the heart chamber. and replaced body parts, I am essentially a normal human , I just tend to come back sometime after my corpse is injected.

”’Mr Underby on November 5, 2009 at 6:08pm”’

I have re-adjusted Underby’s abilities in the original post. If interested in these changes, please refer back.




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