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Letter To Gil

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November 6, 188x

dearest gilhooly,

thankyou so much for your lovely letter! life is rather quieter, here in steelhead. as you know, i have found a little room, and i shall continue searching for kind miss mara’s grandmother, that i may learn more about my past and just who i may be. miss mara has said that she knows much about my sort of person. i do hope so.

it was with joy that i read of your quiet talk with mr underby. he seems to be a good deal more mellow now, doesn’t he? after making his usual rude comments as to my appearance, lack of good sense and my mysterious father’s inclination toward drunkenness, he told me he wasn’t quite so cross with me as to kill me after all!

i had a long and arresting conversation with him telepathically… a battle of minds, perhaps… except that i mysteriously found that the more i dropped my guard and allowed myself to be defenceless, the more he dropped his! in fact, i quite discovered the sweet, tired old man beneath his grimacing facade! until i was able to ask him what angered him so… i feel i owe it to him to reveal that to others, if he should choose to… i am fairly certain he was being truthful…

all in all tho’, i am not in the least surprised that he is angry with my mother, phaedra wickentower, in whose thrall he was somewhat, and whom i believe to be awfully bad… if she is so evil, then what am i?… i know she is not truly human… what does this make me? i do hope to find out, while i am away.

please do give my fondest wishes to poor mr tenk, who was quite stricken with needless guilt, when last i saw him. oh, and pass on my thanks to dear, mad vash as well, for her offer to find a safe place to hide when i needed one!.. tell her and everyone in new babbage, all of whom have been so kind, that i miss them terribly, and that i am so looking forward to the day i return…

lo :)

”Dearest Lo,”

”I’m glad you’ve arrived safely. I am sending Malcolm to take you the rest of the way. This is both for your safety, and so he can make the proper introductions for you at court and to get him out of my hair for awhile.”

”Slan Agus Bannuch,”


*LoPixie Artful *feeds a stray cat her last salmon sandwich* …you know, kitty, i don’t suppose anyone would ever believe i quite “disarmed” underby! just by being nice to him. and showing his good, caring side to himself. and inventing the science of “psyche-ology” in the process… oh well. *sighs and skips away after malcolm, daydreaming of her friends*’

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