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Keithen Darkfold

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Keithen Darkfold is a wealthy Women who came to Babbage escaping from her husband and his insanity. When her airship crash landed in the water, she made business starting a clinic, in Clockhaven. After a month she then quit her clinic job, going into teachings. Keithen Darkfold has travled to many exotic Roleplay area’s, such as Eternity, Antiquity and celadeon. She
is usually found all around the city, talking to different people.
Its been said the her Dresses are very standing-out from many other womens, this might show that she has picked them up at different Roleplay themes at different years, and some are mere copies from movies.
One of her most favorite hobbies is cooking, and dancing. She is usually called “Kathy” instead of Keithen. Its Secretly known that Kathy is a octo-mer, and is sometimes in the water.

== ‘Kathy’s Family. ==

Its hardly ever mentioned that Kathy has 3 Different Sisters who are about the size as a newly spawned prim block. They both share different personalities ((Kathy plays these characters on the same Acc))

Merlee – Is a bright, cheerful girl, who ryhmes frequently giving :fortunes

Marlee – A Creeoy, yet Nice Girl who gives :good luck

Marvee – A quiet girl who rarely speaks, and frightens easily, her talent

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