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Imperial Theatre

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A long-standing derelict theatre, currently inhabited by street urchins.

Built from architectural designs by Professor Alexander Eliot of the 13 Club. It was later discovered to in fact have been a giant ocular amplification machine used in conjunction with the Porta Terrarum device (Eliot Device). According to records obtained from the now-defunct Van Creed Society, when activated the whole building’s structure amplified the dimensional rip of the Eliot Device to emit a large beam into the sky above, opening a door to another dimension. Alexander Eliot was known for failed attempts to harness the power of such a device in the search for new sources of fuels to progress the industrial prowess of New Babbage.

The Imperial’s structural machinery were broken beyond repair when Jason Moriarty finished and activated the Eliot Device for the first time leading to an explosion that fused many of the Machine’s key mechanics. It now sits as a broken relic of New Babbage’s past, and its secret underground machinery is a popular tourist attraction.

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