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”A page from the diary of Miss Lo Pixie Artful.”

July 8th, 189x

dear little journal,

it was my rezday, the day before yesterday… and rather thrilling it was, too!.. lots of wonderful folk came to my party, and i got some gorgeous presents, and i had a wonderful time indeed! for pip danced across the tabletops, and gilhooly and i flung lots of cake about, and jimmy pranced barefoot in a pool of blood, it was lovely!

stepfather has been awfully kind to me, since his rezday, and he said it was quite alright for urchins to come to his pub for one night only… and that i may work behind the bar when there is not too much gore about the place, which is rather nice of him i think.

(…i do wonder why stepfather put that broom on the wall?… anyway…)

and for a present, mother made a whispered announcement to me about whom my father was… it was rather a shock… i quite nearly fainted to the floor, and had to have several absynthes to calm my nerves… tho’ underby assured me later, there was no impropriety, rather, for instead of an instance of… of the quite nauseating things grownups do to bring a new soul into the world, they held a little arcane ceremony instead, and borrowed a bit of someone’s elemental soul… quite a complicated procedure, probably… and that particular someone may be called my father, in a way…

(the vernian sea air does clear the head, rather…)

so then i sat by the sea for a while, and grew quite used to the idea, really… for whom my father is may explain quite a bit as to my nature, and why i have quite so much restless energy, and fire in my heart, rather… why i enjoy dancing an awful lot, and mischief, and being industrious… and perhaps why i like trying to fix things, so folk may be cheerful awhile, but not really fixing them terribly well.

o… and speaking of that… scheming for the revolution proceeds apace!.. it is to be a velvet revolution, rather, which sounds quite cosy, and not at all violent, so our poisoned cakes may be only soporific in nature… and if any of us were to make any bombs, they should be rather pretty and make lots of fireworks, rather than harming folk quite unnecessarily.

(this is tatsuya, gilhooly and i discussing the possibilities of exploding pudding, rather…)

for gilhooly asked me the other day, rather sweetly in his gruff streetwise voice, “well, do you reck’n things are lookin’ up, lo?” and i said i thought they were, rather, for what could possibly go wrong?


Ryne Beck commented
May I enquire as to the name your mother gave you? Enquiring minds and all that :)

LoPixie Artful Commented
o!.. well… you may have to guess, i’m afraid, doctor sir… for the moment, at least… for i am not at all sure whether he is aware, rather!… and it is a little embarrassing, if i am to be truthful… *shuffles foot awkwardly*

Pippin Jollygoodfellow commented
aye, i should like t’know oo e is as well!

Myrtil Commented
Oh sounds like you had an awesome Rezday!
There’s something I’m not quite sure I understand though, about your birth. If you are born from the elemental soul of your “father” in a little arcane ceremony, is Mrs Underby still your mother? Real mother? Spiritual mother?
Tis complicated indeed!
But anyway, we don’t care who your parents are. You’re still our friend :)

Pippin Jollygoodfellow commented
i remember seein Mrs U large wif child like… she must’ve come from in there…

Myrtil commented
I can’t imagine Mrs Underby pregnant… *tries to shake off mental image*

Ceejay Writer commented
I am so sorry I missed your rezzday, dear child! *slips a bag of chocolate truffles into your hands, along with a note addressed “To LoPixie, Urgent.”
*[[A Needful Vacation]]

LoPixie Artful Commented
(reads the elegantly scripted note in her hands)… goodness!

thanks awfully, myrtil… you are a wonderful friend indeed!

pip, do you remember anything of an arcane ceremony?… i really do think perhaps you ought to chat with mother…

o, and good day, dear doctor… all shall be revealed soon, i am sure of it…

(darts away toward the cocoajava)


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