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Heavenly Alloys

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Heavenly Alloys are alloys of mineral and great concentrations of a certain type of Aether, for what they are also known as Æther Alloys.

Unfortunatelly there are still much to be known on these particular kind of alloys, and its manufacture. Due to the difficulty on its production it tends to be highly cost prohibitive, having very little register on its usage.

==Arcaii Silver==
Arcaii Silver is an alloy of Electrum, with high concentrations of silver, and Luminiferous Æther, which makes it a superconductor of electrical and æthenergy waves.

===Physical Properties===
Highly ductile, it presents itself on a pale yellow to silverish, depending on the concentration of silver and gold of the Electrum and the purity of the Luminiferous Æther, its dust can be higly pyrophoric if on highly dephlogisticated environment.

==Khemet(Kimet) Copper==
Khemet Copper is an alloy of Beryllium Copper, Tantalum and Gravitational Æther.

Combining the non-magnetic and non-sparking qualities of the beryllium copper, with the extraordinary heat and corrosion resistance of the tantalum and the motion properties of the gravitational æther, the Khemet Copper is a extremelly efficient material for energy shielding.

===Physical Properties===
While on its solid form it represents no harm to health, breathing its dust or vapour may cause serious lung damage.

Of copperish coloration and high density, the presence of tantalum on this alloy makes it resistant even to the highly corrosive aqua regia solution.

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