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Grendel Footman

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Dr. Grendel M. Footman is an inventor, adventurer, surgeon, and occultist that is currently located in New Babbage.

== Biography ==
=== Early Life ===
Grendel was born on the Footman family estates in the colony of Harbor Landing in Antarctica to Dr’s Phineas and Eliza Footman. The Footmans were a family well known for their great strides in assorted sciences, Phineas, a noted engineer, and Eliza, a noted surgeon; both were greatly interested in Grendel’s education and hoped he would carry on the family tradition of excellence. During the birt, Eliza Footman, delirious with painkillers, called the newborn ‘Her Little Grendel’ and the name stuck.At the time he was born, Harbor Landing became more and more sparse as colonists gave up and left, the Footman clan had started spreading it’s territory over more and more of the failing colony, taking over abandoned homes and warehouses, and supplementing the remainder of the colony through advanced hydroponic gardening, and penguin raising. Harbor Landing soon started flourishing again, becoming the chief exporter of Penguin Pies. Eventually, the colony of Harbor Landing was fully absorbed into the Footman Estate, the original colony in name only.

=== Education ===
Growing up, Grendel primarily spent his time flying shoddily maintained gliders in the artic winds, and hunting penguin with the aid of a large caliber pneumatic cannon. Eventually when he became older, his parents sent him to Miskatonic University, where he originally enrolled in their medical program intending to be a surgeon like his mother, then changing his major to engineering just before graduation and taking another few years at that, then skipping for a year to travel the world, then burning down the medical building of Miskatonic, then getting expelled, then being allowed back in under unknown agreements, then finally graduating with a few PhD’s, and an unhealthy interest in alchemy and the occult. It was during his time there, that his parent’s died due to an unfortunate accident involving a Tesla turbine, hydroponically grown tomatoes, and an enraged polar bear. Returning home the sole heir to the estate, where he spent a fair amount of his family’s wealth on expeditions to the Congo, and other areas of the world.
=== Adventures ===
When he returned to his home again, it was nearly on his death bed, something had happened during his travels, and the crew of his airship brought in a mangled body on a stretcher. He was still conscious amazingly, and ordered the servants to leave him with his surgical tools in his bedroom. For most of the night, loud cursing and yelling was heard, until the morning when he finally emerged from his room on shaky legs, he had patched himself back up, replacing some parts too badly damaged with life support devices originally developed by his mother, and using an infusion he had found the formula for in an alchemical manuscript while in Rome, and combined with modern chemical mixtures, wich he then named the “Immortalis Serum”. Most of the servants were still unsure weather he was dead, or alive even then. After a week of recovering, where he replaced even more of his dying organs, with ones from the frozen graves of Harbor Landing this time, and more infusions of the strange substance, Grendel finally ordered the closing of the family estate. The servant’s were all given eight years severance pay, the automatons were left to maintain the colony until Grendel’s eventual permanent return to his homestead, the machines were shut down, and the few remaining colonists finally returned home to their families as his airship was loaded with his personal belongings, and the doors were locked before he left.

=== Settling Down ===
Now after traveling the airways of the world, he arrived at the city of New Babbage, drawn by it’s history, the unusual phenomenon and people it seems to attract, and of course the local burlesque, he docked in Palisades and soon purchasing land, built Footman Industries, a laboratory, warhouse, and housing for the Electric Eel Generators, supplying power to certian buildings in the city, as well as his own experiments. Primarily interested incombining magic and technology, much of his work also involves finding the secret to true immortality, and new,better sources of power.

==Noteworthy Events==
*Experments perfecting the Immortalis Serum
*A visitor to the plant
*Testing Miss Frye’s Device
*Zombie Outbreak
*Eel Power Plant
*Dr. O Occupation
*Dinosaur Hunt

Profile page: Dr. Grendel Footman

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