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Gizzy Allen

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Gizzy Allen is the taken name of Chainsaw Unit 1207, an automaton in the Empire of Steam’s Maid Combat Corps.

Originally designated chainsaw unit-1207 of the Maid Combat Corps of the Empire of Steam, and artificial island built above the sea. she was built and designed in 32 forms of armed and unarmed combat, especially those utilizing the signature weapon of her model, the chainsaw, as well as cleaning and tea serving for the late emperor of the Steam Empire.
After a disastrous tsunami hit and the island sank back beneath the ocean, she washed ashore in Port Babbage, where she was found, repaired (mostly), and cleaned up by Miss Langain AyaLangain Aya
Taking the name Gizzy and trying to develop more of a personality, she now works as an agent of the Ordo Aspocnditus, where she probes the Vernian Sea in her glass submersible, the Squid, as well as offer her services in security, bodyguarding, and brewing teas.


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