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Gadget Ancalime

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Gadget is a young street urchin who got ‘[ the Spark]’ at an unusually young age and has a great understanding of mechanical devices. He often stays on the streets or at his Freak House, which he uses to fleece tourists and citizens out of their money. Gadget inherited the Freak Show from his Uncle on the condition that Gadget must keep the freak show running. He surprised the women’s guild by his attendance at a sewing course and shortly afterwards unveiled his latest collection of “authentic and rare two-headed exhibits”. He also struck a deal with the undertaker for some other supplies to keep in jars. Like many urchins in this city he drinks Absinthe and smokes, and while he has the means to clean himself he usually doesn’t. Gadget is fiercely loyal to his friends and an attack on any one of them is considered an attack against him.

Gadget is often scavenging for technology wherever he can, legally or otherwise. He is unfortunately very impulsive and over confident in his own abilities and safety. Because of this he has made a few mistakes and has felt guilty on several occasions, most notably when the Beast escaped from his trap and when the Van Creed got a hold of Dr. Martel’s notebook.

He is also the apprentice to his neighbor, Different Enjinne.

==Significant events==

* Gadget gets revenge for a hurt friend
*Gadget's Dark Aether
*Sir Emerson Lighthouse and the Search for Malus

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