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Family Business

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When Jed Dagger fails to check in, a deadman letter held by an attorney in Victoria City is triggered.
* Family Business I – Overdue
* Family Business II – Letters in the mail

Emmanulle Huntress, a kin of Jed’s, follows the directions of the letter she received at her bayou home in New Toulouse and arrives in New Babbage.
* Family Business III – Airships, Trains and Carriages
* Family Business IV – Let’s Dance

Emma keeps an appointment with Mr. W- to discuss the circumstances of Jed’s disappearance, and learns that Jed was last seen on a train heading to Bump.
* Family Business V – Intermezzo the first
* Family Business VI – Intermezzo the second

Emma receives a message from the city coroner that Jed has returned in New Babbage alive.
* Family Business VII-Arrivals and Departures

Emma decides to carry some vengence to Bump.
* Family Business VIII–Ezekiel 21:11, part 1
* Family Business IX-Ezekiel 21:11, part 2



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