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Emperor Ezra Crumb II

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”Why” everyone in town agrees that the old drunkard, Ezra Crumb, should be treated as as the last legitimate ruler of the Old Empire is one of the enduring mysteries of New Babbage. He seems harmless enough though, so perhaps it is simply that no one can find a reason to object.

==The Wit and Wisdom of Ezra Crumb==
A careful listener to the inscrutable ravings of the Emperor will find he is, at heart, a deep and philosophic soul.
*The Fish Problem
*How Do I Get to New Babbage?
*A Worthy Speech


Dr. [[Joseph Foehammer]] of the Dunsany Institution recalls his first meeting with Ezra Crumb, over fifty years before present day.

*The Republic

==Other Notes==
Emperor Crumb has read excerpts from The Adventures of Baron von Munchausen in the Tales From New Babbage podcast.

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