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Eamon Blacktail

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Eamon Blacktail, a nine year old Black Lionfish Merboy, was born and raised in the Bermudas to a very large clan, consisting of some members of his family. His Great Grandfather being the clans leader. The whole clan prided themselves on tradition, for example…burying dead Land Dwellers who were not claimed by other Land Dwellers for fear of them not making it to the Afterlife…or having trouble reaching the Afterlife. They were a clan of traders, trading anything Land Dwellers considered valuable to the Pirates of Bermuda in exchange for whatever the Pirates traded them, from Weapons to food. Eamon found himself swimming for his life to Britain after his whole clan got slaughtered by the Humans, all of them killed for a reason Eamon would never understand.

Eamon arrived in New Babbage with a hatred of the Humans, and a sadness for not being able to help his family, he feels if he helped them fight they would not have died… and no matter what anyone tells him he will continue to think this. He hid, he will tell you, like a coward while he watched his whole clan killed before his eyes… and it still haunts him in his dreams. Eamon will talk to Land Dwelling Magic Folk and the talking animals, however he will shy away from Humans, always saying they will catch him and imprison him in a glass prison, aquarium, while studying him like he was some kind of animal. He loves to tell stories to any Mer or Land Dweller who will listen about where Atlantis is, and how his Great Grandmother was a Seer, and loads of other stories about his clan… but always, in the part where he tells others about how his clan died and how he ended up here, get mad and sad, anger and sadness showing in his voice, and say how stupid the humans are and other insults aimed at the human race. Of course this doesn’t stop Eamon from observing the Humans and Land Dwellers in the Tubes deep in the Vernian Sea, or heading close to land and watching them as they go about with there day to day lives. He secretly finds the world of Humans and Land Dwellers to be fascinating and longs to, just for one day, walk among them and see there world for himself, like they, he will say, have done with his world.

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