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DreddPirateBob Streeter

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DreddPirateBob is known to be (in his own mind) the greatest and most intelligent of all the normally BORING and thick citizens of New Babbage. Famous for his genius, good looks, brilliant smile and general ability to be AWESOME he has, over and over again, proved to be simply incredibly amazing. Give him money and/or drink in honour of his wonderfulness! Bloody hell he’s great!

==Official Biography==

Washed up after surviving some unknown catastrophe in the Ghoul Sea where his ship, and less importantly, all hands were lost, DPB spent a undisclosed, and possibly unnatural, amount of time adrift. Whatever he experienced has driven his wits from him and, to some extent, taken his ability to age from him. Although definitely of a young age physically (it can best be guessed at 12 years of age), he carries himself with the weight of those who have endured an age of hardship and despair. His reference to his nightmares can be disturbing though possibly not as worrying as his loose grasp of the realities of the world and his passion for lethal force and explosives. He made a home for himself in Babbage while in deep recovery and constructed Bob Street (now renamed and rebuilt) on the ruins of his best friend and nemesis Django’s grandfathers shop (DPB destroyed it in an act of revenge after Django drove his traction house over Dredd’s cafe). He can often be spotted running around the streets of New Babbage looking for someone to annoy. Treat with caution.

After an incident that has never been explained DPB discovered his real name and memories started to come back. His true name is Cutter Icthan and upon the dawning of realisation at just how foul his behaviour was he started to crack. The internal war of shame and guilt caused such an agony of grief that DPB fought his way back to the surface crushing Cutters personality back deep under DPBs conciousness. DPB still remains in control but Cutter will, on occasion find himself wandering through New Babbage until the next time DPB takes charge. DPB thinks Cutter is actually another boy entirely and has taken a great dislike to him due to just how many times everyone tells him they prefer Cutter. “I havnt even MET him! Why they hell would you tell me that?!”

He is now a resident of Armada Breakaway but regularly descends on New Babbage to ruin everybody’s day. Just run. If possible, throw any small items you have behind you as a distraction. Mainly just run.

Original Cocoa Java Cafe, The Deafograph, Buzzsaw Bridge, Armada mk1.0

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