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Dinosaurs in New Babbage are not just bones in the Paleontology Museum.

One summer, a velociraptor was awoken from apparantly somewhere deep underground, and wandered new babbage for a few weeks, attacking residents, chasing urchins, and causing all sorts of trouble. There was attempts to capture the beast, communicate, and even get her drunk. Eventually a small group consisting of Grendel Footman, Miss El from Steelhead, and a jaegrkin named Haelga, had chased the dinosaur down, cornering her in the large Tesla machine near the canal district. During the resultant battle, in wich everyone was wounded, the jaeger even as far as losing an arm, the dinosaur was knocked back into the machine, wich somehow triggered changes in the creature, causing her to smoke and emit small bursts of energy at random. staggering away from the hunters, she fell into the canals and was considered dead for all intents and purposes. Afterwards however, an evolved raptor named Arwen appeared in New Babbage, wearing clothes, and even able to talk.

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