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==The Current Landowners’ Covenant==
((These are the terms under which landowners hold land in New Babbage. Last revision March 2009. ))

New Babbage is a sooty northern industrial City-Nation of the steampunk imagination, loosely based on the era of 1830 to 1890. The City is home to an active roleplay community, but RP is 100% optional here. Tourists are a common sight and are welcomed. The City has a rich history dating back to an earlier clockwork technological period, hinted at but largely unexplored. What will you uncover?

We got rules, read them:

* ”’NO PUBLIC NUDITY”’. What you do inside your own building on your own parcel is your own affair, however, I don’t want to hear it when I’m walking by. Fetish clothing that exposes the naughty bits is considered nudity.
* ”’VEHICLES”’ will be in kept in theme of the archaic and fantastic. Derezz your vehicles (and horses) when you are finished with them.
* ”’LAND RENTAL”’. Before you settle here, be aware that New Babbage enforces theme. ALL builds are subject to inspection and approval by sim admin. To purchase rental rights from the city, there is an initial purchase price and then a weekly Tier. To purchase rental rights from a resident, seller must notecard the sim owner to transfer the land and tier meter. 5 days grace is given before land is reclaimed by the State. Grace is not extended to boat slips, row houses, or other non-landed rentals from Mosseveno Tenk, and will be cleared upon red meter.
** Your purchase gives you the following rights: Setting parcel music, setting a ban list for the parcel, advertising in classified ads, setting a home point, hosting events, the ability to sell the rental rights to your parcel, and other rights as assigned by the sim owner.
** Use of ban lines, security orbs, or similar devices is forbidden.
* ”’BUILDING CODE”’. Theme compliance is non-negotiable. New Babbage has a harsh building code and it works.
** Architecture and texturing: Exterior textures should reflect a northern industrial look and feel with a nod to mad science. Use textures that could conceivably have been used in the late 1800s. Use of “full bright” textures on exteriors is expressly forbidden except where justified by technology. Winter brings deep snow, seasonal adaptation by residents is expected. Architectural styles that do not work in cold climates probably do not work here either.
** Construction phase: Naked or “plywood” prims will not be left out for more than 12 hours. Where builds must be left in progress, construction litter and scaffolding is strongly encouraged.
** Greenspace: Refrain from excessive outdoor greenery within the city proper.
** Skybuilds: Airships, flying platforms, and other vehicles used as part of permanently displayed builds will not use modern-day technology. Builds must be plausible within the realm of fantastic engineering, not whimsy. Keep your flying rocks and castles above 1000m.
* ”’ALTITUDE RESTRICTIONS”’. Builds from 0m to1000 meters must be within theme. 1000m to 1500m are out of theme and not policed. No builds are permitted above 1500m, to provide free skies for aeronauts. Floating rocks and sky castles are best kept above 1000m.
* ”’Sea builds”’: Underwater builds must have reasonably credible and visible technology. If it does not float, it must have foundations reaching the sea floor.
* ”’Vendors and other miscellany”’: Make reasonable attempts to prevent hovertext from being visible through an exterior wall. Outdoor vendors may be used by written permission of the sim owner only. Common sense exceptions are made for special events such as dances and regattas.
* ”’Signage and Handbills”’: Modern-day and Mainland style signage will be removed on sight. Make a good attempt to use historic fonts and color schemes that fit with the theme of the city. Handbills may be posted around town to advertise events, provided they are well made in an appropriately vintage style. Handbills are policed by sim admin and may be removed on sight.

Further information may be had from Dr. O’s Guide to Building in New Babbage, available at the Palisades newsstand.

The sim owner, Mosseveno Tenk, reserves the right to make executive decisions on any topic in order to preserve the integrity of the theme of New Babbage.

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