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Concerning the Gangplank

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

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==Initial Post==

((Posted by Mr. Tenk on May 4, 2010))

Rumor control time.

Yesterday I received an email from Dr. Dayafter as follows:

Hey there mate,
I need you to do something for me. Something that saddens me quite a bit. I need you to sell off my Clockhaven parcel. Keep whatever you get
from it and apply that towards bettering New Babbage. I need to take a
break for a while. I am going to be selling off my Seraph City parcel as
well. I do not make this decision lightly, and it is with a sad heart
that I do this. I will be back in at various times, in order to check in
on folks; I just will not have the time to own property and manage it

Gus has been busy with a creative project in the real world and cannot divide his attention right now. The Gangplank has been a staple of Babbage social life for years, and it deserves more than a casual vacate and list treatment.

So here is the fate of the Gangplank:

In the strange synchonicity that hounds me like plague, Stargirl MacBain, who is currently living on half of the Gangplank’s old lot in Palisade, will be swapping into Clockhaven, just like Gus did when he moved the pub. If you have been waiting for a Palisade lot, now is your chance. Star is looking forward to going to the pub business as the next proprietor of the Gangplank.

I’ve had a problem with the lack of believablity with the streets in there, so that will be fixed with recutting the lot into triangle blocks.

That means the block is scheduled for demolision. Probably tonight. Most of the build is Rip’s, he will have the wierldly satisfiying glee of blowing it up honor of pushing the button.

For roleplay purposes, Finley has been carried off by a gang of pirates who came up from the harbor, and also looted the pub of cash. Maggie and Pocket, the bartenders, are stuck holding the hefty liquor bills, which are months in arrears. Dr. Dayafter, who paid Finley’s bills, is no where to be found. And a mad rabbit is loose in town with a crate of explosives, looking for his next customer.

What could possibly go wrong?

==Comments (page 1)==

*Reply by Bookworm Hienrichs on May 4, 2010 at 2:55pm
What indeed? When should the Ladies Fire Brigade be ready to spring into action? *grin*

*Reply by Dr. Augustus Dayafter on May 4, 2010 at 4:00pm
OOC: Thank you kindly Mr. Tenk. I think that Star will be a wonderful owner. Let me help with the rumor control here. I, along with the typist of Maelstorme Smythe, have just finished our very first movie script. It has already been sent off to a professional screenwriter friend of ours, and we are hard at work on our second already. Being a screenwriter has always been one of my biggest dreams and has now, finally, turned into a healthy passion for both Mael and me.

Yes, I am taking a huge break to work on that passion and life changing career move. Do not fear, I will still be around from time to time. You will more than likely be able to catch me on Wednesdays in Arkham, for the Fireside Story event. After and likely before them, you will find me either in Babbage or Seraph City. Feel free to visit with me, as I could not have realized this dream without many of you and your inspiration and support. Do not, however, expect to see me around any other day than wednesday. At least not for quite a long time.

Only being around on one day, like I plan, will not afford me the time to plan events for The Gangplank or The Starshine Lounge (in Seraph City). Having just one hangout day is what I have afforded myself. I can’t leave altogether, I just can’t. I love you folks way too much for that. Babbage is my home. Seraph City is a dream that I was happy to see realized.

I am actually going to try and log in this evening to visit with a lot of folks, but that depends on how much I get done with my new project. You can all still find me on:
skype- dr.dayafter

I would love to hear from you all. You people have no clue how much you have inspired me and how much I appreciate you support and love. I will never forget that. I can tell you now, my first Oscar will be dedicated to New Babbage! Please stay in touch folks. I love you all and will see you and hang out as I can!

With much love,
Curt, the typist behind Gus, Finley, and several others!

*Reply by Sheryl Skytower on May 5, 2010 at 9:46am
I haz Twitter!

We be friends!


*Reply by Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle on May 5, 2010 at 10:56am
Good luck with the movie mate. I sincerely hope it’s gets a greenlight as it will be wonderful to see something other than the endless parade of remakes being churned out by the system. Looking forward to it.

*Reply by Fiore Galtier on May 5, 2010 at 3:20pm
Best wishes for your passion! Make sure it remains a passion just as much as work—and you won’t even realize you’re working at all!

That’s what they say anyway, I think. ^_^

I wonder what kind of movies I’ll be seeing out of you.

*Reply by Dr. Augustus Dayafter on May 5, 2010 at 5:18pm
Here is the logline and synopsis for our first script:

Don’t worry, it is already registered with the WGA and has been copyrighted. I posted it in another forum earlier today and got like a billion warnings in the matter of a few moments.

*Reply by Fiore Galtier on May 5, 2010 at 6:38pm
>.> Yup. I’d totally watch this.

Y’got me that fast! You’re gonna make great movies. xD

*Reply by Ceejay Writer on May 5, 2010 at 7:21pm
Zounds. I’d watch it but I would need brave handsome company! I get skeered at such things!

(You both continue to rock! Full speed ahead)

*Reply by Phineas Frakture on May 4, 2010 at 5:20pm
Go get ’em, Gus!

*Reply by Mara Razor on May 4, 2010 at 6:25pm
Break a leg Gus and Mael!

*Reply by Gabriell Anatra on May 4, 2010 at 6:48pm
Good luck in your endeavours Dr. It’s sad to see that you will be absent New Babbage so much but it is for very good cause. Congratulations and best wishes on your further success. Hopefully we’ll hear about it in theaters sometime in the next few years. :-)

*Reply by Skusting Dagger on May 4, 2010 at 9:22pm
I do find it quite heartening when there is somebody willing to keep an established New Babbage landmark from the wrecking ball. (though a good blow up can be just as lovely)
Gus – all the best – I have friends who managed to sell their first script and see it made (Tales From the Crypt – Demon Knight) and they just kept rolling along. Bulletproof Monk, Kung Fu Panda, And now Robin Hood is coming out with Ridley Scott at the helm.

==Comments (page 2)==

*Reply by Dr. Augustus Dayafter on May 4, 2010 at 10:17pm
points to the above responses

See folks, THIS is why I love New Babbage and all of you! Your constant support and belief in me and my Seraph boys is awesome. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

*Reply by Breezy Carver on May 4, 2010 at 10:27pm
/me looks up and smiles .. its never good-bye between good bonds .. its cya soon !!

*Reply by Mr Underby on May 5, 2010 at 9:15am
Good luck Gus, I know your screenplay will be fantastic.

*Reply by Ceejay Writer on May 5, 2010 at 10:55am
Gus has his priorities in good order, and I commend and applaud this brave step!

And when Gus does grace us with a visit…. enjoy his company. Have fun, relax, and just *be*. There is a huge difference between logging in to SL to work, and logging in to relax and socialize. HUGE difference. We can all help and support Gus and Mael by not pressuring them to do stuff – just hang out and celebrate our friendships!

*Reply by Remington Thursday on May 5, 2010 at 11:20am
Congrats to both Gus and Stargirl. I look forward to seeing you both on the open seas.

In welcome to the new proprieter, we would be happy to supply some stolen recently acquired rum at an excellent price, should you find yourself short.

*Reply by Zaida Marie Thibideaux Gearbox on May 5, 2010 at 2:42pm
Mr. Gus, Imma miss you terribly. Ah hope you an’ Fin come in an’ play wid us sometime!

*Reply by Ashiko Kuroe on May 5, 2010 at 8:02pm
Congrats on your accomplishment… And I can’t wait to see New Babbage: The movie so hurry up and write it!

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