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Coinage and Currency

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==Imperial Era==


==New Issue==

==Obolenskidonian Dollars==

The Obolenskidonian Dollar was an unrealized attempt to decimalize the currency during the Obolenkidonian occupation. Overlord Obolensky had hand dies made to overstrike all circulating New Babbage coinage until he could mint his own dollar and decimalized divisions. Citizens were made to turn in their coins, which were returned to them (less the considerable conversion fee) with overstruck coins, for them to be accepted as legal tender at shops controlled by Obolenskidonian forces. These coins quickly became called the “ducks” for the way the overstrike of the monocled eye and mustache created an illusion of a duck when impressed over the original coinage. The coins are still in common circulation and have small value to collectors, though those that pass through the banks are sent back to the mint to be melted down and reissued. Many who fought in the resistance still refuse to accept a “duck” in payment, sorting out coins on the counter until all the ducks are in a row.

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