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Chess Clowes

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Chess Clowes is an orange fox moreau with black markings who has been in New Babbage since just before the Obolenskidonia take over. His friends would tell you that he is a mad scientist who initially fell in with that bad crowd, but is actually a good guy at heart. He is now a captain in the Militia and hoping that everyone will forget and forgive mistakes of the past.

Chess was born to a simple life in rural England, where he shared a humble dwelling with his parents – Mrs. Chelsea Clowes and Mr. Cheshire Clowes – and, most importantly, his ailing grandfather, Aldous Clowes. Aldous Clowes was infamous as both an eccentric and inventor whose creations had caused a fair amount of grief for his community in the past.

Cheshire Clowes had attempted to flee his father and his reputation, but was forced to take him into his care as his health began to dwindle. Despite Cheshire Clowes’ best efforts to shield Chess from Aldous’ influence, his presence would have a profound effect on the boy’s development, laying the foundations for his later life as he surreptitiously taught Chess his skills.

Cheshire Clowes attempted to divert his son’s attention from Aldous with another pursuit worthwhile hobby: hunting. While this father failed to deter Chess it did hone his skills with a rifle early in life.

When Aldous Clowes passed away, fighting ensued between father and son when Cheshire moved to dispose of Aldous’ notes and remaining inventions. Chess attempted to intervene and this culminated with Chess being driven away from home, but his efforts were not in vain and he managed to save a great portion of his grandfather’s work.

From that point Chess Clowes made his journey off to a new life, sustaining himself with his hunting skills, lending a hand with whatever work came his way, and the generosity of those who took pity upon his situation.

Chess Clowes soon made it to a city, where he by chance he caught the attention of the infamous Ashiko Kuroe. After demonstrating his skill with his rifle, Ashiko took him aboard and hired him as a mercenary. Soon enough they made their journey to Babbage with the rest of the Vaulten Air Fleet.

During Chess’ work with Mr. Kuroe, he began developing his first creation, the signature “Chessbot” as it came to be known. In reality, the majority of its design was in fact based upon schematics recovered among Aldous’ notes.

Taking note of this other talent of Chess’, he was instead diverted to producing armaments for the cause, just in time for the Obolenskidonia occupation. Chess employed his gradually accumulating repertoire of creations to enforce Dr. Obolensky’s reign. It is rumored after his fall that he was tasked with developing a revenge weapon under orders of Mr. Zebrati during his brief control of the League of Villainy, but regardless of the veracity of these claims, such a device never manifested.

Following the toppling of Obolensky, Chess became increasingly disillusioned and gradually pried himself away from his old contacts and began making a living in a more honest way. In fact, prior to his appointment to Militia Captain, he had been aiding investigation into the murders that had plagued Babbage, doing what he could to restore order.

When Chess threw his name into the hat for the role, he was quite surprised to be appointed, having never served within the ranks of the Militia in the past. Regardless of this, he hopes that he can serve Babbage to the best of his ability and move away from his dark past.

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