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Carpania is a fictional country in all senses of the word; there are no Carpania sims, it exists purely for RP plotting.

It is loosely based on the country of the same name in the classic film “The Great Race”.

The country is a monarchy, militaristic, and of a prussian sort of feel. They are fond of uniforms, ostentation, and intrigue. A great background talking point for characters with military backgrounds, either being from Carpania, or having fought them.

A naval neighbor of New Babbage, there has been a history of conflict, although generally limited to skirmishes over various mostly-useless islands between the two lands that both claim.

Carpania is the home of the Royal Carpanian Academy, a renowned center of learning in military strategy and assorted military-related sciences. Like all good universities, the RCA is mired in traditionalism and getting thrown out of it is almost as impressive a resume point as graduating.

The Royal Carpanian Navy is large and relatively modern, but its enlisted men tend to be overworked and disgruntled. In a recent action, the Carpanian High Command became convinced that New Babbage had colonized one of the contested islands, Clockspire Cove, and directed the Navy to shell the offending bit of terra firma. In a remarkable display of overkill, the Cove was reduced from a towering volcanic spire to a shallow spot in the Vernian Sea in a matter of hours.

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