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North of Falun is the town named Bump, and it sits on the side of a large rounded mountain, completely devoid of living trees; even dead trees are scarce, yet a few stand petrified on the top of the mountain, tall grey sticks which seem to be trying to escape the countryside and take to the bleak skies.

The mountain (named Bump Mountain) is mostly hollow now, from excessive mining over many hundreds of years, the tunnels spreading throughout the surrounding countryside like cracks in glass.

There is one saloon for every five people in Bump, they are serious drinkers and love a good long sad song to go with their flat pints of bitter. Prone to banjo and mandolins. They are not a religious people, but are a deeply superstitious lot, many legends, myths, and rumours from the old Empire still hold strong in Bump.

The main causes of death in Bump are black lung, and death by misadventure.

Children often disappear in Bump, and from the surrounding hills.

”-Mr. Underby”

“Never get off the train in Bump.”

”-common saying”

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