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Brazen Head Incident

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

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One New Year’s Eve, Count Bologna got it into his own head to steal the Brazen Head.


A lad living on his own with his ‘aunt’ soon decides to pay a visit to City Hall, and during that time learns something interesting hidden within Underby’s office.

Beckle’s Nose by Cyrus Forgrave

Count Bologna is thrown out of the Bucket of Blood, and overhears some Cyrus and Petra talking about a fabulous Brazen Head that has the power of predicting the future
*The Brazen Head Incident – Prologue

Bologna convinces Emerson Lighthouse to help him steal the head.
*The Brazen Head Incident 1: A New Year’s Caper

Donning disguises, they make their way to City Hall….
*The Brazen Head Incident 2: The Knight Crusaders
*The Knight Crusader

…but have to get past Mr. Underby’s secretary.
*The Brazen Head Incident 3: Stink Bombs and Soda Water

The pair enter Underby’s office and search for the Brazen Head.
*The Brazen Head Incident 4: Inside Mr. Underby’s Office

In a series of accidents, they manage to set fire to Mr. Underby’s office.
*The Brazen Head Incident 5: The Brazen Head Discovered

They find the head and escape on Kaylee’s airship, just as Mr. Underby returns.
*The Brazen Head Incident 6: A Brazen Escape

to be continued



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