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Bianca Namori

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Name: Bianca Namori
Age: 25
Heritage: Mondragon (Persian)
Status: Missing and presumably dead


Bianca Namori was adopted from a small orphanage at the age of 16 on the coast of Spain by Armand Foehammer. After traveling with him for a few years, she was left in the care of her Uncle Michael Manonnen after Armand left to explore himself a bit more as a scientist. At the age of 20, Bianca was graced with the appearance of a mental condition. She tried dealing with the “mania” with medication, and even more intense scientific methods, yet the condition eventually took her over forcing Michael to call Armand back to “Deal with his daughter”.

Regaining herself a little and walking slowly on a more logical path, she received a letter from the orphanage she grew from and after reading it she found herself packing and preparing to leave New Babbage. What was in the letter, many didn’t know but the word of a new region known as Cala Mondrago obtaining a long lost heir spread like the plague.

Christined as the Magistrate of the Republic of Cala Mondrago, Sultana Namori fought to keep the desert realm from sinking into the sands. Along the way she met many who wished to know if these rumors where true or not with great pride. A changed woman of state, she handled the business of her country as best she could until she let herself trust someone one too many times, and in turn, her world was destroyed, and the foundation of strength she had built up with it crumbled beneath her. She gained many loyalties from her people, and from the ashes rose with her a trusted and overly protective guardsman, Akidami Swift who is seen around sparingly within Clockhaven.

Now 25, Bianca’s return to Babbage wasn’t easy for her to deal with from the ghosts of her paths, to the awkward monsters of her present, she saw no hope of a peaceful future and many saw the emotional pain upon her face. Many couldn’t recover a week before where her with the questions of her kingdoms fate and if it would be reestablished or not. Almost convinced to return, she found herself approached by an opportunity to regain her pride and sense of worth within New Babbage, making her an offer she just couldn’t refuse…the offer of “feeling Loved and at Home”.

The people do not know exactly much about the organization she involved herself with is, other than it was nicknamed “The Family” and the offer she was given must of been something very appealing for someone to give up the return of their kingdom over.

The Family are known as being persuasive anyway, and the people who saw her talents as a former Magistrate worried that they would be exploited by this group that is heard as being governed by “The Cogfather”.

It was believed by many that the psychotic irratic nature of Bianca is no more, and a dangerous cruel calculating woman that had influence in both business and personal endeavors around Babbage had been born.

What the average person may know:

Bianca wasn’t outlandishly harmful or crass unless provoked in some manner. Those who have burnt bridges with her in the past and who have been brass-balled enough to sail across waters to engage her has either been snubbed, been treated civily, or she has viciously sank their battleships. She wasn’t someone to go out of your way to mess with and was very dedicated to the now divorced Osgoode Underby of the Bucket of Blood.

She was financially set…and had been known to play “Loan Shark” to failing businesses. She is also the alleged mouth of ‘The Cogfather’, and took care, and pride in making sure what he had to say to the family, or to you, is said very, very clearly.

What businesses she was involved in openly before she disappeared:

The Pit, The White Rabbit, Gutters Row, and
The Academy of Linguistic Studies.
It’s said though that she has her fingers in
many other aspects around Babbage, Caledon, and
even Steelhead and is a cruel
but legit business woman.

What an urchin may know:

Bianca loved children, and though she could not bare any herself, she goes out of her way to ensure the safety and well being of them. She may even trust them to a fault, exposing some secrets that she wouldn’t to any other adult, having faith in the innocence of a child is what she was truly known for. She loved to take walks by herself along the wall out by Palisade and was very close to the Duchess Christine. She always leaves the back door of Gutters Row and the Kitchen within unlocked for the urchins and the bunkbeds are always clean, the scary baths drawn, and the food stockpiled.

What a cat may know:

Everytime I am around she sneezes horribly! I don’t know why? She then shoos me out of her area, never rudely though, just the typical, “Shoo! Achoo!”

Post Family:
Her time with the Family came to an abrupt end as she was found shot and floating in the canals. She survived that attempt on her life, but she disappeared shortly afterwards along with her newly wedded husband, Akidami Swift.

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