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Beq Janus

Archivist note: This article is from an older recovered archive and might be obsolete or in need of updating.

Most recent revision is shown below, by Galactic Baroque.

Miss Janus is a story teller/role player and builder/scripter long term resident and supporter of New Babbage. These days she is one of the longest standing Babbage residents, moving to the City as it expanded from the single Babbage square sim to add the exciting canals sim back in early May 2007. She owns three properties in Babbage. La Maison Horta, a tribute to the Art Nouveau architect Victor Horta, her air scrubber in the canals, keep Babbage breathable in the smoggiest of times, and beneath the waves of the Vernian sea, the sprawling Aegir’s Hall named after the norse god of the sea.

She was a keen burlesque dancer but those opportunities have dried up recently, you may see her back on stage, but in a european sim such as 1920s Berlin.

Beq is an avid builder and can often be found in the stockyards or platforms in the wee hours of the night.

==On Coming to New Babbage==

A past pitted with the scars of tragic loss.

A chance meeting in a port back in the old continent.

A chance to rebuild, to redefine and escape the past.

As the steamer drew closer to land the dramatic, exciting skyline of New Babbage beckoned from the horizon. Beq stood upon the deck, her few possessions stowed below, her letters of commendation kept safe upon her person; staring out across the void sea.

The tiny City State of New Babbage was bustling with activity. The furnaces pumping rich thick plumes of smoke into the air, a signature of industrial productivity.

The ship moored off shore, no port had yet been built, the canals still fenland in the process of reclamation form the sea. The old city, the district now known as Clockhaven was disused and abandoned, lacking the infrastructure to support the industrial might of the thriving new metropolis.

It was into such a scene that Beq arrived in New Babbage, moving in to a tiny rowhouse on the edge of the new canal district with fellow newcomer Ms Anabella Voom. It was not long before they bought their first land and began to construct their own contributions to New Babbage.



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