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Avariel Falcon

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On the remote Aether Isle in the land of Caledon the eminent scientist Dr Falcon created a clockwork assistant to help with her work on a fascinating new technology that would allow the creation of gateways to other worlds.

Unfortunately things did not go so well and Dr Falcon became infected by an alien disease that slowly turned her into a monster. Before sealing herself off in a world filled with similarly infected individuals Dr Falcon re-configured the clockwork to carry on her work, transferring what she could of her memories to the clockwork and giving the clockwork her name.

After some adventures that ultimately led to the destruction of the lab on Aether Isle the clockwork, now named Avariel Falcon, traveled to the old abandoned AP&E building in New-Babbage to continue her creators work.


Ownership: Avariel Falcon is owned by the AP&E company of New-Babbage and functions as the administrator of the AP&E company of New-Babbage.

Clockhaven Power Station: Avariel Falcon runs a power station that meets a significant part of the electrical energy needs of New-Babbage. The power station is located in the Clockhaven region of New-Babbage and generates power from a naturally occurring atheric tear, also describable as a ripple or tear in the fabric of reality. As such the power station can create power without requiring fuel, but it does however require significant amounts of maintenance from its clockwork workforce.

AP&E Portal Generator: The adjoining portal generator allows instant transportation between the portal facility and any point in time and space that is first mapped and recorded to a transresonance crystal. Traveling through the portal is uncomfortable for non-clockwork beings with symptoms similar to sea sickness and a bad hangover. Some beings may be hardened to such effects through life experience or other mitigating factors. It is possible to create portals on the fly using the portals exploration mode, but these portals are unstable and hard to maintain. Travelers are always advised to equip a recall device, these act as a beacon to reestablish a portal when the traveler wishes to return home.


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