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Arconus Arkright

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“Yes, can I help you? I’m in a bit of a hurry…

“Yes, I was his roommate last semester, but Arkright doesn’t go to school here anymore. Tell you about him? I don’t know much about him, really.

“I know he was here on scholarship, though I never quite knew how he managed that. Oh, money wasn’t the issue, his family’s rolling in it, but he wasn’t exactly the most… dedicated student. Clever, in his way, but seemed to pay more attention to his physique than his studies. Not exactly the bookish sort… ironic since his parents own all those book stores. Oh, yes, a chain of them. His parents run the whole enterprise, but his brothers and sisters and their spouses manage the stores. As I recall, Arkright was the fifth of seven (and not exactly the most promising of the lot).

“Funny thing I do remember: Arkright is actually Arconus Arkright IV — his father is Arconus Arkright II and Arconus Arkright III is actually his oldest brother (about eight years his senior). Isn’t that strange?

“No, Arkright wasn’t a store manager… or even on track to becoming one by the sound of it. No head for business. Which is why, I suspect, he jumped at the chance to come to university and study science.

“You know, that’s the other funny thing: how rarely he actually attended classes, but always seemed to have passing grades. I suppose that professor he worked for was helping him. Never completely understood what was going on between those two… nothing romantic, I know that much. What’s that? NO! Good heavens, no! I know a few of the fellows around here subscribe to that preference — just as I’m sure he was one of them — but I was never involved with Mr. Arkright in *that* way! Call me old fashioned, but I still prefer female companionship in that regard. Excuse me, but you seem to have an awful lot of questions about my old roommate. May I ask what is your interest in… what?

“Ah, now that was a bizarre incident. I always suspected he might have been involved — he left the school almost immediately after it happened and the professor he worked for was let go — but I’ve never known for sure and I have my own studies to worry about. Last I heard, Arkright was in New Babbage… you know, that mad place where the buildings keep exploding. I’ve always heard there are a lot of ‘them’ there: those queer ones who levitate and vanish and so forth.

“Look, I really have to go, but there’s another student, Miss. Kansara, she could probably tell you more. I think she still keeps in touch with him. You might find her in…

“Hello? Hm… where’d that fellow disappear to? Curious…”

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