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A Tattered Note

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dearest gilhooly,

i have run away, rather. i do adore staying at miss star’s ever so much… please, do tell her not to fret… but i am quite, quite furious with my wicked mother for marrying, of all men, my teacher! ugh, how embarrassing!.. and we argue whenever we speak, honestly, she is quite impossible.

and so i shall seek out my missing father, whom perhaps i may better get along with. i shall be abroad for a little while. i do hope i may find him and return to see everyone soon!

fondly, lo :)

Gilhooly Skute
”scribbles a note to send to Mara, hoping Lo will pick up messages there”

Dear Lo

It’s Gilhooly! Hoi!

Glad yer well. Me I’m well as well. Welly well!

I hope ye find yer pa. Yer mum is a right *word erased multiple times* not nice person. Underbyz still missin. Things are explodin and burnin down all over town. It’s rather like Guy Fox Day but backwards!

Hope ye have fun and yer pa is nice,

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