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Wiki Wednesday: The Mummy Hunt

Today’s Wiki Wednesday brings us a partial account of a late-2008 RP event, when the theft of a ruby apparently awakened a mummy!  (There’s more to the story than what’s on this page – I think I managed to save off at least some of that, and will eventually get it posted on the Wiki.)

The Wiki makes a great place to gather together the threads and posts that comprise larger stories, as you can see in our Tales page. I encourage you to peruse this page, and see some of our history!

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  1. Jon Chen Jon Chen February 19, 2014

    Dreadful story!  Horiffic and unsettling!  And yet we clearly see that it was community spirit fortified with Science, in the form of the newest tin-type camera, and a serious-minded capacity for observation of detail, such that even the SUPERNATURAL, ITSELF, will be brought to book!

    A ripping good yarn, indeed!  Thanks Miss Book!

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