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Wiki usage notes


–Log in/create account on right side

            –“real name” is optional, and probably not necessary


–Create new page:

–Decide on title for page, type that in Search box on left side–be very careful not to get typos

     in there, as it cannot easily be changed–click either Go or Search

–Chose good title, will say “There is no page titled…”  “You can create this page.”  Click on

     create this page.

–Get blank canvas

            –Type in whatever text you want.


                        –”italic” (2 ‘)

                        –”’bold”’ (3 ‘)

                        –can also use html tags for italic and bold at least, but may have to also play

                           with line break tags to get them correct

                        –””’bold and italic””’ (5 ‘)


                                    * one bullet

                                    **two bullets

                        –numbered list–use # instead of *, same syntax

                        –indented text–use : instead of *, same syntax

                        –section headings

                                    –don’t use for top level–not needed

                                    — ==Level 2== (2 =), etc.

                                    –Table of contents will appear at top when 4 headings are added–

                                      generated above first heading (see



                                    –[ Text for link, if desired]

                                    –Flickr picture link–just the http:// link, no syntax around it–if don’t

                                       want Flickr account, could send copy of pic to me, I’ll post it to my

                                       account, and send link

                        –Can always hit ‘Edit’ at top of any page or any section to see how it’s

                           organized–be careful not to screw it up, though

–Internal organization

            –Can link to main pages using Categories

                        –i.e. Biography–at very end, add [[Category:Biographies]]

                        –Tales from New Babbage–[[Category:Tales_From_New_Babbage]]

                        –Builds of New Babbage–[[Category:Babbage_Builds]]

                        –can create organizational page like Biographies page, and link subpages to

                           that–problem is, organizational page is organized to display alphabetically, not

                           chronologically–if subpages need to be read chronologically, just create text

                           links (e.g.…)

                        –can add to more than one category–put them all on the same line

            –Up to you whether you want to create long, single page for stories (like Verlia Bilavio)

               or break it down (like Bookworm Hienrichs)–latter makes more sense for

               Livejournal/other external links



                        –If line starts with *, will need to change that to something else


–Deleting pages

            –don’t think contributors can, only administrators–Aeolus Cleanslate is one

            –can click “move,” which allows for creating a new page with that content, with a new

                        name–but if old page is linked to, must remember to change those


            –contact Bookworm Hienrichs–if I don’t know the answer, I’ll ask around and try to

               get it

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