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i have pasted quite a lot of things into the wiki, rather many of which i fished out of the rubbish bin from the old ning.

i should like it very much if people improved on them quite a lot, and added lots of things to them, as mister baroque very kindly has!..  a lot of doctor o’s stories really ought to be saved, oughtn’t they?…

it is quite easy, once you learn how… for if i may do so, anyone may!.. miss book and cyan and mister baroque have lots of rather good advice you may read, and they are terribly kind and shan’t tell you off when you make a mistake!.. i followed miss book’s quite easy to follow recipe…

so perhaps you ought to write miss book a nice telegram if you haven’t learnt yet

lo :)

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  1. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs August 25, 2010

    A few things, while I’m thinking of them:

    1) You may–or may not–have noticed that our Ning has not yet gone poof. I’ve heard that the grace period has been extended, though I don’t know for how long. So if, by chance, you’ve been kicking yourself for not saving something, you still have time…

    2) I’ll repost my Wiki use notes here on this site, just in case.

    3) I have saved off all the pages linked to in the “Current Events” page and archives on the Wiki. When I return from vacation, I’ll get to work on those.

    4) As more of us use the Wiki, and more things are added, we need to make sure of a couple of things.

    A) Before you create a page on a topic, search around the Wiki to make sure you’re not duplicating work.

    B) Make very, very, very sure you link your page to an easily-found main page–either one of the main category pages (Tales from New Babbage, Builds of Babbage, etc.) or your own Biography page. Otherwise, it’s just going to sit out there, lost and forlorn, unable to be found.

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