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Who to Believe?

Tepic read through the latest three pages of the Book – he had only expected to be reading the last two again, but another had appeared since he had last looked, and things were looking grim. He looked carefully for the sentence he remembered, and there it was “The shell curved around a large bloodshot eyeball”. Yes, it did seem that the description of the crab creatures, metal shelled with a single large eye had to refer to the strange machines, metal and cogs during the day, and odd monster with a single eye during the night – could it be they were eggs? Of course, there were more of the crab creatures than machines, but maybe they hatched into lots of creatures, a bit like some spider eggs….

It was something to ponder, as was Sebastian’s reappearance… Gadget had told Tepic he had seen him, and he had asked Gadet to pass a message to the people of faith in New Babbage. Gadget had gone to see the Builders, and the Dagon lot, but maybe he had missed a trick, after all, this was New Babbage, the Churches, yes, they were of faith, but around here so were the scientists and men of logic, they had more faith in their science and machines than all the Churches put together, and sometimes with as little proof behind their reasoning! Still, it was probable he did mean the Churches, maybe….

Something had been worrying Tepic since the old Jimmy had spoken to Mr Tenk, and he had mentioned it to the other urchins. It seemed to be important though, so he mulled it over, voicing his thoughts to the clockwork guard floating beside the Writer.

“So, old Jimmy gave the Writer to Mr Tenk, then said to not believe a word “he” said. Ain’t likely he would give the Writer and then say not to believe it, so probably ain’t the Writer. An no-one is going to believe Moriarty, cus he’s just not someone any of us is going to believe. It was Mr Tenk that Jimmy was talking to, so it’s going ter be someone Mr Tenk might believe an take notice of…. i knows Mr Tenk would believe something us urchins tell him, but…. well… ain;t much we going to say that he don’t already know, an he knows when we telling fibs, so ain’t likely one of us…who else could it be?”

Tepic sighed….

“so… it’s gotta be someone we , an Mr Tenk specially, would believe… an Sebastian has turned up… he did help us before, but…. he did follow some of them older gods, an some of these monsters sound lots like them older gods as nearly came through that thingamy jig a few years back… could it be Sebastian we ain’t supposed ter believe? Geeee…. this ain’t easy, you got any ideas, Mr Clockwork?”

The clockwork guard whirred and clanked a little, but remained silent…

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  1. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon October 28, 2011

    Sadly Unit #13 is not the brightest spark in the world. He will pass on the conversation to Avariel though and she will think on it. ^_^

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