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Who seeks for, finds

Today, while she was wandering through Babbage City, doing one of her “challenging-shyness promenades” Oneiric Lin met the Dr. Darien Mason, who saw her mechanical condition and invited her in his laboratory to see his repair hardware – Dr. Mason is known to repair dolls.

They talked of this and that, then, after the usual politenesses, Dr. Mason mentioned he is also a doll maker. Oneiric said, that he’s certainly not hers, and so told him about her seeking vainly for her maker, a welder at Bay Steel steel works factory, who was not here when she first came in function. She did right on the assembly line, scaring the workers cause dolls weren’t supposed to awaken that early, but on the customer’s home after the first wind. Oneric was then marked faulty and sat free.

Bay Steel, for what Oneiric could tell, works in union with Clanktrader Cog Factory for the mechanics and small parts of the dolls, but is also supposed to produce only steel and not dolls… Was she made on black market, as many dolls ?… Oneiric answered negative, she seems more to be a custom order as she is not of the usual pleasure model.

Then Dr. Mason proposed an explanation: that her maker, as many, “invested too much in his creation, and put his heart and soul into her during the fabrication process”.

Then the light was in Oneiric’s mind. That, could explain why she feels her maker is still alive, because she has his soul, and also, why she can feel things as a human and not a clockwork.

She then thanked him for that precious piece of information on her functionment, but also on her maker.

Now she has to seek for the dolly dressed as an urchin with a gaslamp heart instead of a doll key…



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