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Wheatstone Central Terminal Reopens

Steamweaver Transportation announces the official reopening of the Wheatstone Central Terminal, after its renovation as an automated freight transshipment facility.


“The chronic shortage of qualified stevedore labor in New Babbage has forced the Steamweaver Company to invest in virtually fully automated freight transfer,” said Steamweaver Chairman Lafayette Steamweaver.


“Exports from our clients’ manufactories can be transferred to the facility via canal barge, street delivery, or underground rail. Machine-readable instructions pasted onto each crate or box will be scanned by our automated equipment and the shipments transferred to the appropriate palette within our four-story holding environment.”


Regularly scheduled automated Steamweaver Transportation cargo airships will then be loaded by the Company’s patented stevedore automata, and shipped to any one of our sister facilities throughout the Steamlands, for delivery to the recipient. Imports happen the same way, only reversed.


“The heart of the facility is the Endicott-Class Mark IV Analytical Engine,” chief engineer Aeolus Cleanslate remarked enthusiastically. “Writing the instructions would have taken years without outsourcing our clacking needs, but as it is the whole thing runs like … well, like clockwork.”

Steamweaver Transportation expects to profit handsomely from the current surge in New Babbage exports.

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