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whatever remains, however improbable…

Personal Journal 30 Aug N.B.yr4

I’m not sure why I’m taking time to write now, with everything that is going on in the city.  Perhaps I need to put some things on paper just to clear my mind and organize my thoughts, to gain a bit of clarity while things are going on so hectically here. 

I went back into the lab with the evidence.  The blood sample, if that is what it is, was rather intriguing.  It bore all the similarities of blood, save one.  The oily, viscous nature of the fluid still fascinates me.  I can’t locate my copy of Professor Morrow’s reference guide, so I may need to send to the university to get a copy.  The fact that he was not a human being may dissuade some and further inflame others, so I may not divulge this fact at present.  The other fact that on it’s face is more than just coincidence wqs writing in the coroner’s report.  The knife pierced his heart.  Cold steel, in his heart.  I feel that this is more than merely stopping the organ that pumps blood.  Cold steel.  In the heart.

Next I went back to the hair samples.  It was during the reexamination I noticed something.  They were all shed, and by looking at the roots I have come to think that they were not pulled in a struggle, but ones that were shed naturally.  This made me go back to the notes Sky had written up when she was at the initial examination of the body.  After taking a look at her initial report, I came to the conclusion that the hairs may not be as important as one would think at first pass.  The issue will be convincing someone who was basing their opinion on the existence rather than the origin of those hairs.

The next part would prove to be the most trying for me personally.  While we had been in the lab initially, Sky was the large box of exemplar slides I have gathered for comparative microscopy work.  What I didn’t show her was the other box of slides I keep in the safe.  There amongst all the other bits of hair I collected over the years was a slide set labeled SM1226.

Yes I know.  Why do I have a hair sample from one of my dearest friends in New Babbage…I gathered it, quite casually, during that time when I was convinced that Underby wanted to make Star disappear.  It was a precaution, from a purely investigative standpoint.  They were, as I suspected, a match.  Very much a match.  So much so that I feel quite confident in saying that whoever got the hair found at the scene may have gotten it from the same hairbrush I acquired mine.  Someone who had access to her rooms at the Gangplank….

It made perfect sense.  It was also of course largely unprovable unless I had some witnesses to corroborate the evidence or provide alibis or disprove them.  Phaedra.  The one person who had a motive, and the intent, and the capacity to kill.  All the things Star did, leading up to kicking her out of the bakery provided enough motive to do all of this. On top of exacting some sort of cruel revenge on Star, it would also be punishment to Pip, because I do recall the relations between the two of them was not the closest or the sunniest.  This had the added benefit of playing on several things Star said around town after her return from the crash.

A theory, and a damn near transparent one.  But a fitting one.

Now to prove it before someone in town does something stupid…

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  1. Mara Razor Mara Razor August 31, 2010

    ((Psst – it’s cold iron that kills fae-kind.  Steel would hurt but in the end mostly just piss ’em off.  Just thought I’d point that out since you seem to be amking a big deal about it.  Otherwise – Bravo!))

    I do not know why everyone is making such a fuss about Pip.  Whoever done it did the world a favor.  The only reason I didn’t come and kill him in retribution for his attempt on Star’s life was because I promised little Lo that I wouldn’t.  What I would be more concerned with would be the church acting as law enforcement – arresting citizens, fitting them with retraints, interrogating the…. not that law and order has ever been high on Babbage’s list of priorities.

    • Mr Underby Mr Underby August 31, 2010

      I wasn’t aware you were so well acquainted with Pip, Miss Razor?

  2. Mara Razor Mara Razor August 31, 2010

    I wasn’t.  But, I am very well acquainted with both Stargirl and Lopixie.  ((and obviously I’m acquainted with Fae-kind))

  3. Wiggy Undertone Wiggy Undertone August 31, 2010

    ((Hand-written note shoved under the door))



    When you have an opportunity, please speak with me. I have information that may be important in your investigation.   I recall that someone stopped me just prior to the murder and asked me if I knew where a knife could be found. Not just any knife, but the same type that was used in Pip’s killing.

    It took me a few days to recall the matter, as I thought nothing of it at the time.  I hesitate to write anything further in this note as I am unsure who else may read it.

    I am heading out of town for a day or two, but I will return to Babbage on Saturday.



    W. Undertone


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