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What Have We Hare?

On my way to sift through the debris at the Whitby Cat and
Tea Yard, I heard a now familiar hiss and carefully turning a few corners and
timing it as closely as I dared, I emerged from an alley behind the Steam Hare.
I carried on perpendicularly and cross-tracked, tacking at a safe distance
while trying not to lose it until I had a vector worked out. It was patrolling,
so it took a while to work out the plot, but I knew it would lead me south to
water, and it did: right by the Candy Store ruins.

Right there, tied up and with steam built up was its waiting
vessel. While it made ready for sea, I pulled Dee’s camera out and snapped what
I believe is the first actual photographic documentation of a vessel linked to
the Man In Blue and his crew. I will of course need to verify with the urchin
underground this vessel’s similarity to the one they attempted to sink, but I’m
quite certain this is the one that was meant to go to the bottom in the place
of the garbage scow.

It was invigorating being involved in an actual track again,
and while I know I was probably made I still couldn’t break off, just like the
old days with Audrey—.

But once this image is published, there will be another name
on the target list; and I need to find Dee. I’m really starting to worry…


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