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Well, That Was Blasted Inconvenient

Becoming vaguely aware of the room around here, Dollianna
struggled to get her eyes open. A memory flashed into her Gulliver: Calm air,
warm fuzzy feelings… a flash of light, bits of porcelain exploding away,
darkness, cold… then the sensation of the room faded away again to nothing as
a strange voice whispered, “This won’t do…”

Slowly the room came back into her consciousness and this
time there was a sensation of light, though muted and shapeless. The strange voice
was back also, humming some obscure folk tune or other. As she adapted to what
seemed to be new eyes, she found herself able to focus them—up close at first—seeing
someone else’s hair lying beside her face. As soon as the concept of ‘her face’
worked its way into her thought stream, more memories darkened what she was now
able to see: Her face had exploded immediately after the sound of gunshots, the
last thing she had seen being her ocular sensors detaching into static, before cold
blackness. As they returned, the ugly terrifying memories swirled into the confusion of the
dishevelled room that housed her and some other shadowy, humming figure.

She could sense no immediate danger, yet as she struggled to
move, sighed as it became obvious that she was restrained. “Of course…” she

As the room’s other occupant turned to regard her, her new
eyes focused on his shock of dark blonde hair and suddenly the voice became
hauntingly familiar as it spoke: “Ah, you’ve re-started, this time with visual
sensation, it seems.”

Struggling to eliminate hallucination as the cause for such
an impossible familiarity in that voice, it relentlessly spread shock through
her, cancelling her efforts to free herself.

“Not… Cooper!…”

“The same. Alive and very unwell, thank you,” Doctor/Mister
Cooper grinned as he began to unfasten Dollianna’s restraints. “I of course
apologize. These were meant to prevent a mishap as you regained cognitive
functions. Which you have… yes?”

“Doctor Cooper, I tried to kill you! I… why… if you shot
me, why…”

An odd, bemused look spread across Cooper’s face as he
finished freeing the young doll. “Strange little creature, I have never shot
you. And you must appreciate, as I do, that it was not you who ever tried to
kill anyone.”

His words began to calm her panic and as he folded his arms
and paused to allow her to sit up and collect herself, things began to settle
into place in her troubled mind. Through the fog, a priority began to emerge,
and she felt compelled to address it at once. “Dr Cooper, I feel so-“

Cooper interrupted and steadied her, “Shhhh. Ease yourself.
You’ve been given a new life; begin it anew, afresh. Do sit up and stretch,
carefully. You’ve a new body, not just a one-piece head,” he grinned happily. “All
that is important is that for the time-being, we are safe.”

Having adjusted to the new eyes, Dollianna
looked around the room, computed compass directions and elevation, noted the
date on the calendar and the time on the wall clock (also noting the beat in its escapement to verify her own timing), and took stock of her new
body parts. The new hair was hers, along with the eyes and hands, and… everything,
evidently, but her internal mechanisms. The relief of seeing Cooper alive and
release of the guilt she had felt before was oddly spun in with all the other
emerging questions and lost in a hurricane of confusion. It was strange that it
felt good to be alive, yet despite all the uncertainty, it did. But… what next?

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