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Wedding of Convenience

Maddox blinked her eyes as she stood at the altar, across from the  Professor. She couldn’t believe she’d agreed, but there it was. They were at the altar and the officiant was droning on about vows and whatnot. Perhaps this wouldn’t be as bad as she thought it would… Lionheart smiled at his new potential bride. His hair tied with a golden strand, his white tuxedo suit almost gleaming, as he concluded his portion of the vows, “…to honor, to cherish, and to never again to prey upon the innocent.  I do swear.”
She could barely believe he swore to that. “I promise to honor and cherish  you, and to always be there for you in times of trouble. This, I do swear.” Was she really doing this so as not to die? Either way, she would be safe from the lunatic. She hoped. The question then was, which lunatic is worse? The familiar or the unfamiliar?
He reached his hand into his breast pocket and withdrew a ring: a halo of gold emblazoned with seemingly endless emeralds.  He reached out to take her hand and slip the ring in place as she lifted her hand to accept the ring.
Lionheart leaned close and gently cupped Maddox’s hand.  His tail behind him twitched with nerves.  It seems even a demon can be butter in a woman’s hands.  He touched the ring to her finger and intones, “With this ring, I thee…wed.”
Maddox sighed as she looked into the demon’s eyes. She took his ring from beside her and placed it at the appropriate spot, repeating to him as he had her. “With this ring, I thee wed.” Why was the music getting cloudy? It seemed as though the violins were underwater… He bent his neck down, bringing his broad face next to hers.  First, giving her cheek a soft nuzzle, horse fashion, and then resting his wide lips against her petite ones.  Is there cheering?  Or the screech of a seagull? She leaned in to accept his kiss and a bright light flashed–


And it was then that she sat bolt upright on the sofa in the hospital, right where she had passed out from being so tired the night before. Her chest was heaving and her face was burning. She had no clue why she dreamed of such a thing, but if this was Lionheart’s way of showing her he could be a good person,  then she’d have to speak to him about it. Somehow she doubted things would ever go down that way. She turned to her writing and tried to breathe normally again…

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