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Visiting Hours (The Dark Aether)

Avariel Falcon fought her way through the human sized lifts to get to young Gadget who had been moved to the hospital to recover from the effects of the Van Creed drugs.

Two broken lift doors and a leaky bathysphere later the unicorn made it to the right room to find Gadget staggering out of bed in some state of agitation!

She droped the bag of grapes she was carying onto the little bedside table and sat down for a chat…

During the conversation Avariel did her best to fill Gadget in on the details of the events between his abduction from his lab to the rescue from his cell in Caledon… It seamed that Gadget’s mind had been erased of any memory of the events inbetween, no doubt an effect of the drugs.

After telling Gadget about the events involving Unit #8 the young inventor entered a state of extream agitation, even going so far as to try and leave the hospital! Although this proved unsuccessful due to the failure of his balance system…

Avariel helped him back into bed and promised to pass on the details he told her about Unit #8 to Miss Bookworm and the Militia and to let them know that the notebook had been stolen. She also consoled him with the fact that although the Van Creed might have the technology to create similar clockwork, we would at least have forewarning in this timeline of that fact, and as such could prepare for it…

The unicorn returned the communications device to Gadget, recovered from the ruins of his lab, so he could contact Unit #6 or herself if needed. She asked Gadget to focus his efforts on recovering from the treatment at the hands of the Van Creed, and sugested that maybe sleep was the best way to restore his missing memories…

After this young Gadget settled somewhat and fell asleep. Avariel pulled the covers tight and nuzzled him goodnight before setting off to visit Miss Bookworm…  

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  1. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon December 4, 2011

    [Not certain if I will be able to visit today, my ISP decided to upgrade my line, so now its up and down like a childs string toy.]

    • Gadget Starsider Gadget Starsider December 4, 2011


      ((That’s ok Miss :) ))

      In boredom Gadget has invented a basketball game using grape seeds and his puke bucket.

      • Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon December 4, 2011

        Unit #6 smashed his way through the door to Gadget’s hospital room.


        Turning to Gadget he rumbled.

        “Greetings… Gadget…”.

        “Avariel… is… unable… to… come… today… but… sent… these… for… you…”.

        The hulking humanoid clockwork held out a slightly crumpled bag of grapes.

        “Would… you… like… to… play… a… nice… game… of… chess?”.

        In his other hand the old clockwork held a worn but survicable chess set.

    • Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs December 4, 2011

      ((Fun, fun.  Hope that gets straightened out soon!))

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