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Victory Hall and Extra Building for Sale AFFORDABLE

My real life is going to come into a rather busy season and things just aren’t coming together fast enough for me to continue my investment into both plot and build. I’d like to get rid of both as quickly as possible.


I’m looking for 8,000L for both builds and the land. There’s 4 days left on the meter atm I believe. As mentioned, I do wish this location gone. It’s in Paliside.


Thank you.

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  1. Bela Lubezki Bela Lubezki September 3, 2010

    dont lead me into temptation…


    but could you provide some squaremeters, weekly tier numbers and if there is the possibility of purchasing only one of them?

    thank you

    from the neighbourhood

  2. Aiden Martiel Aiden Martiel September 3, 2010

    The lots are actually combined by Tenk and I’m not sure how to grab the meters, but will do so when I’m home.

    Tier is 1500 for both spots.


    I’ll also get the prim count for you.

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