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Vampyre Suits in four exciting colors!

Once again, I jump into the fray with four new suits.  Vampyre Gothic includes finely stitched detail on the sleeves, collar, cuffs and tails.  The shoes are polished to a high sheen.  There is a special array of jewels accenting the beltline and the collar.  The Ankh, the symbol for Life, sits at the throat, a shining beacon to immortality.

Vampyre Gothic is available in Royal purple, Wine red, Dusk blue, and Pewter.

Available at my main location in Burmilla, and currently Royal is available on the Marketplace.  The other three colors should be available on the Marketplace soon.

Each suit comes with everything shown in the picture, except for the model, of course.  I’ve been known to sell myself short from time to time, but I’ve never outright sold myself!

Everything is copy and modify so you can resize it to fit your own avatar.

Share and enjoy!

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