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Vacant: #28 The Canals

Folk of New Babbage,

By order of our Treasurer and Grand PFV Poobah, Mr. M. Pontecorvo, Eldest of the Three and He Who Puts the P in Team PFV, I have been instructed to divest our holdings in New Babbage.

#28 The Canals is a east-west running rectangular parcel of 2048sqm and 468 prims, bordered on the north by a canal and on the east by the Vernian Sea. (The eastmost portion is submerged, allowing the erection of a boat or loading docks.)

A daugerrotype shewing a possible use is below this heavily updated message.

The decision to vacate has not come easily, involving as it has some rather… spirited… discussion with the good Mr P. Let us just say that due to certain other projects, neither he nor I are able to support nor justify ownership of this parcel.

The Rental for this location will come available at 1amSLT on Wednesday 19th October 2011. Unfortunately, the existing building (heavily modified from the Four Winds original) cannot be provided due to no-transfer permissions.

Fare ye well, and may the sands never stray where they are unwelcome,

Maku Ibn-Selat
DesertPunk, Official PFV Prim Strangler, and He Who Puts the V in Team PFV 

Mondrago House, as seen from the northwest


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