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Urgent telegrams and Letters Home

Orpheus threw on his jacket, stuffed his book and papers into his pack, and slung it hurriedly over one shoulder. He had been up all night trying to piece together the mystery and some new evidence had him shaken. He had to talk to somebody, and soon! He ran frome the hotel he was staying at to the messengers office.

“Excuse me,” asked Orpheus, “but I need to know if you are the fastest messenger in town.”

“Aye, that we are,” said the elderly man behind the desk. He had silver-white hair paired with thick white mutton chops. He wore a freshly pressed messenger uniform. His face was round, covered in laugh lines. He had a small roundish nose, upon which sat a small pair of glasses, and behind those were a pair of gray eyes which looked as if they could see right into your soul.

“We have every type of delivery system you could ask for,” he continued. ” Airship, boat, carrier pigeon, runner. Hell, we’re even trying to get that new A.G. Bell Telegraphonic Relay installed. What is it you be needin'”

“I need to get a message to one of the urchins. Can you get it delivered fast? It is very important.”

“If we could deliver it any faster, he’d have it yesterday!” joked the messenger.

“Good,” said Orpheus. He pulled out a piece of loose-leaf and began to write:

Dear Master Gadget,
I have uncovered some startling news pertaining to your latest beast trap. I must speak with you about it. This information could prevent any more accidents like what happened to your friend Nat. I shall be staying at Brunel Hall for a time. Please come find me. It is urgent!

Orpheus Angkarn

“Please see to it this gets delivered quickly,” he instructed the messenger when he had finished writing. He scribbled down an address that he knew the urchins often stayed at, paid the man, and hurried back to the lobby of the hotel. He knew he could do no more without seeing the body. “Now, if only I knew where it had washed up,” he thought to himself.

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