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Urchin Go Devil Races.. or crashes.. or explosions….

The urchins have been envious of the adult’s Go Devil races, so, as urchins will, they have been… inventive!

There will be some urchin races at 12:30 SLT or after the adult races, whichever is sooner or later. The urchin Go Devil is available at the location given with this notice, it is at Tepic’s Camp for those of you who know it, by Palisade Gate. Please do get some practice in, it is fast and difficult to steer. If you lose it in a sim crossing or crash, it will send you a message with it’s location, please do go pick it up – no littering in the City!

It is a two seater, but may be driven by one urchin,

The textures on the sides are replaceable (the Sneaky Vole sign), so have fun with your own textures. Other surfaces can be retextured, but i quite like the ones i did!

The script is still not quite right, hopefully it will be fixed by race day!

Please note there are no prizes as such, just the fun and bragging rights to the survivors….


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