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Unorthodox text of the Builder

A book from what may have been reverent group of monks living in what is now Wheatstone Waterways, was discovered during excavations, and then translated from its archaic text.

The Heterodoxicon of Father Mallet is now available in free copies at the Silver Cord.This is not the Book of the Builder, and it must be regarded as entirely apocryphal. Still it sheds light on the early Church and may be of interest to clerics and scholars alike.


Whether it is in fact a heretical text, the ravings of a mad Father, or several local legends distorted into the tales of “Martin Bannister” remain to be seen.


An Excerpt:


The Aeon began:

    I am composed by immortal hand and eye,
of fearful symmetry, oh aye
    Engaged in business in the forest of the night
    Burning bright, still burning bright
    What am I?

Martin answered forthrightly:
    A camp of drifters, mere homeless folk
    Who poach their breakfast and never knew soap
    Burn dry branches to light dreary night
    Set by circumstance too great to fight

The Aeon thought and said, “Good enough. I would have also accepted “Tyger.”

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  1. Sister Loxely Sister Loxely September 13, 2010

    The portions I have read thus far are extremely enlightening and the quality of the translation of the text is evident. Do not be surprised, sir, if you soon receive a commendation from the Fathers for your efforts.

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