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Uniform Makers Needed

The old Milita Uniforms, while nicely made and finely crafted. Don’t quite measure up with creative tools that Second Life has to offer. Which is why I am looking for suggestions and volunteers who might be able to create a new milita uniform.

If you wish to be considered just drop me a link to some of your work, a store or something similar would be lovely.

I will be comissioning this personally, yes comissioned, I am paying for these. Though the details will need to be hammered out. I am thinking of upfront payments, plus the right to sell at your store, with a discount and a partial split of sales in the milita building and city hall.

Anyone who is interested or has suggestions, please contact me in game or on here (In game please though.)

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  1. Zantyago Mannonen Zantyago Mannonen January 21, 2014

    Work in progress…….. I will start working on the headgear


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