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Trudging for Clues ((Possible Blackheart Spoilers))


Upon hearing of Mr. Gadget’s trap and it results, I returned to the area to try and see if I could find some clues.  There was the hole, clearly blasted through from below…and also proving to dangerous to traverse normally, so I found other means into the sewers beneath.  Directly below the trap was a series of chemical splotches.

Further investigation led to at least four routes out of them that someone could have used…but only two were really feasible if they were travelling with a, hopefully bound, murderous homunculus: a pair of water routes, one leading to the dock beneath town hall, and the other into the canal system.


Returning to street level, I discovered similar splotches near to a couple of the sewer entrances…and also spotted again the bottles of cleaning fluid left near the broken statue.  A connection perhaps?   In any case, I was unable to find further traces of a trail, and decided to go change out of my now soaked clothes before I catch something…

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