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Trivia Contest – What Works?

I was hoping to get some feedback about the trivia contest and see if people were interested in keeping it going.  If you’re so inclined, I’d appreciate your input on the following:

  • Best day of the week (currently Sunday at 3pm SLT)
  • Best time of day
  • How often?  Monthly?  Every two weeks?  (Weekly is probably too time-intensive)
  • Length of time:  an hour?  90 minutes?
  • Dancing?
  • Willing to volunteer?  Bartend, keep score, and so on?
  • Suggestions for improvement?

Keep in mind I’m doing it all “by hand” but may use a trivia ball/hud in the future that doesn’t require one to pay to play.   Current format is to announce the start of the round, allow 30 seconds for a response, announce the winner and the prize won (or announce there was no winner and provide the answer).  

Based on the first contest’s fumblings, I will probably have all the prizes rezzed and then deliver the prizes after the contest to keep things moving along. 

Any suggestions and comments welcome.  Thanks!

-Lady Moldylocks

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  1. Nyanka Jinx Nyanka Jinx November 10, 2015

    I’m thinking the first Sunday of the month sounds like a good time. I would want to keep it at the current start time so it doesn’t conflict with Tall Tales or any similar events. As for length of time, let’s try 90 minutes and see how that goes.

    – Dr. Henry Jekyll

    P.S. I think we should have someone from the Milita stand gaurd at the door in case some lunatic or villian decides to interrupt the event. Again.

  2. Lady Moldylocks Lady Moldylocks November 12, 2015

    Good ideas.  I think someone (Pearse?) asked that it be moved to 4pm.  I’m flexible.   And yes, I agree about having security on scene!


  3. Lady Moldylocks Lady Moldylocks November 19, 2015

    I’m wondering if the lack of response indicates a lack of interest.  Hmmm.  I tend to think not. 

    • Kristos Sonnerstein Kristos Sonnerstein November 25, 2015

      Certainly not! I only just noticed the post myself. Every two weeks would be nice, but monthly might give you more time to gather questions and make it more formidable a challenge for players. I know later in the day is better for myself, but I’m also one who tends to miss a lot of people, so the time you have it at, while regrettable for myself does seem more favorable for the majority and is less likely to run into other events in the Steamlands.

  4. Lady Moldylocks Lady Moldylocks November 25, 2015

    Thanks, Kristos.  I think monthly will be best.  Plus, I need to assemble the free prizes and the questions.  I’m in the midst of reconstruction of the Loony Bin so it might have to wait until the new year.  

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