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To be burned….(Reply if you wish)

Bianca opens her bedroom door popping her sore neck and closes it softly, as to not wake the others of her home. Tiredly, she plops upon her bed, kicking off her boots and whining in her pillow obscene meanings of what she feels is her current life.

Soon sleep takes her and dreams consume her mind…


Bianca “awakes” to be standing on a pier and holding a sword out over the ocean. The Ocean was on fire for as far as she can see and the harder she swung her sword, the more the flames where cut back but rose to be grander and hotter.

Finally, she tucked away her sword and lowered her head as if to say a soft prayer. Seconds later she took a running leap into the ocean and the fires consumed her and the pier until the ocean returned to water.

Her dream skipped and she was laying on a beach covered in hideous burn scars and a golden sword in her hand.


Later she woke to find herself in her nightgown and breakfast by her nightstand barely warm.

“What fires will consume me this time…” she muttered before looking out to the ocean and sighing deeply.

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