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time to get back to business

Omig walked into the main lounge of the Olympian and tossed some papers on the table in front of Violet ‘from the captain”

“really ” she said as she picked them up and went through them “so Hienrichs closed her investigation at the warehouse site, we’re free to rebuild”

Qismah leaned around from where she was applying ointment to Violets burned back ” good i want my shop back, its getting boring on this ship”

violet looked over her shoulder ” boring? really?”

Qismah ducked her head ” well most of the time”

the rabbit turned back to the wolf “Omig send a telegram to amaranth, have fergus draw up some plans for a new warehouse, one that fits on the same site, but bigger if possible,then get people working on clearing the rubble out, i want to be back in business as soon as possible”

Omig nodded and turned for the door and stopped”so your really letting Hienrichs handle this?

Violet shook her head at what was becoming a tiresome argument”Omig like i said before, if i just killed the arsonists then hienrichs goes after me for their murder, and i go from victim to culprit,i really cant afford that right now, getting back to business comes first,”

Violet winced as qismah went back to her doctoring and muttered to herself “revenge can wait”

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