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Time For A Breather

Audrey’s Diary, Sixth of May 188_

“I find the sickening atmosphere in this town most intolerable.
Every time I catch sight of Eloise I am forced to drop the track and return to
the seaside for a breath of decent air. My blasted lungs keep letting me down.

Eloise has evidently learned her way round this new haven of
hers, and what an excellent hiding place this city can be. Earlier today when I
finally made a positive identification of her, as soon as I established a safe-distance
track I tripped over someone else tracking her—someone in an obvious but as yet
unidentified uniform, certainly not New Babbage Militia. I backed off and tailed
him as closely as I dared, worried that I may have found her too late after

She strung him along and then deftly led him in a circle and
dropped him in a crowd like one of our beginner students. I had to chuckle; she
hasn’t lost her touch, and even seemed to be playing with the fellow. I only hope she’s lost something else—something infinitely
more dangerous. I’m still unsure of whether she made me or not, but she lost us
both in the shuffle. Now I apparently have two marks to chase. Whether the
uniformed man is aware or not, I’m afraid Eloise may know I’m here. Both
matters will complicate things… That’s all for now.”

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